Hosta Journal column mentions Hosta Forum

Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)October 9, 2013

Okay, it is the column by Warren I. Pollock in The Hosta Journal issue (vol.44 #2) which arrived today. The mention is made of a discussion we had about H. 'Allan P. McConnell' being marketed by Centerton Nursery in New Jersey as IRISH DIAMONDS.

Of course, there is much more in the article, including the proper use of punctuation and caps and such when giving the proper name of various hosta. Quite informative, and also it gives the professional's take on the various points made in our remarks in that thread. I for one cannot find again that particular discussion, but someone else may know exactly how to search it. Go ahead and give us a link to it, and then check out the whole article here by Mr. Pollock.

That's not the only topic in this column, which goes on to discuss Jim Hartmann's H. 'Derriere' and the naming of it, why it was allowed to be registered with that name, and the fact that Double D Cup (Stuart Asch's hosta now sold by Naylor Creek Boyz) was not issued a registration. And I am such a fortunate person because I WON Jim's, don't take that an auction earlier this year. It is a real cutie-pie, still holding up nicely.

I know I'm not the only hostaphile out here, preaching as I am to the choir, so I encourage you to open your Journal issue as soon as it arrives.

Plus, this is renewal time if your address label shows "13" after your name. No reminders will be sent beyond this little note included in the shrink wrapping for your issue. And believe me, this is a fantastic issue to read.

Guess which hosta THIS one is.....

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Babka NorCal 9b

Hosta Journals are SO informative. Both the online and the two (used to be three) printed ones. My older ones are piling up and I think I will sell a bunch of them to make more room. With printing/mailing costs going up, I wonder if we aren't headed for all online Hosta Journals. Problem is, I love to look thru the photos in my lap...not my lap top. To flip thru them...


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ConnieMay(6a - Canada)

I believe this is the link you are looking for.

I googled: 'Gardenweb Irish Diamonds' to find it.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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You are right, Connie. That's the one. I searched the forum but not Google. Hmmmm, that's a bit strange I think, not to find it.
Appreciate your help.

Hope everyone reads the journal. It is full of interesting stuff.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

So, Mocc, what was the reason for bumping this thread? What did you want us to see or know?


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