talandkai(8)September 26, 2013

Is this the right time to plant the green giant thuja? We need some private screen on the north side of our property.

If we can plant them now, how do we take care of them? Where would be a good place to buy them that will not be so expensive?
How fast do they grow?

Thanks for any advice.

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Now is a great time to begin to establish pretty much any woody plant you like, including the thujas. Soils are still warm, temps are cooler and rainfall will soon (if not already!) become plentiful - these are all positive items for planting.

The thujas will not need much care after planting. Watering in well initially then supplementing with the occasional deep watering if rain should somehow be scarce....that's about it. They will also need periodic deep irrigation again next summer but should be good to go after that, except under the driest conditions.

Green Giants grow pretty fast - you can expect to see growth up to about 3' or so next season; perhaps a bit more in following years. Providing adequate water seems to be a trigger for a lot of growth - IME, trees that get plenty of water, particularly through our dry summers, seem to put on more and faster growth than those that are left more to their own devices and the attention of Mother Nature.

Since the GG's grow pretty rapidly, you can opt to purchase smaller specimens, which will carry a smaller price tag. If you need the instant privacy screening that comes along with a larger tree, you have to be prepared to pay the price. Personally, I would invest my dollars at an independent nursery that has more of an ability/inclination to tend and maintain their stock than a box store and offers a guarantee policy as well.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

If you want cheap get some small Thuja plicata seedlings and plant those instead. If you shop around you can even find them in bands, liners or 4in pots.

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Hi, How far apart and how deep should we plant them and do we need to put any compost or fertilizer before planting?
I was reading a couple of posts and some people were using Miracle Gro or some fertilizer.
Do you have a ballpark of how much each tree is going to cost? We will have to weigh between our need for instant privacy screen and the cost.
Thanks again for the great replies!

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Cost depends on the outlet - locally (Kitsap Co) they range anywhere from $12 for a 1G to $130 for 7-8 footers with 5 footers about half that price. As stated previously, if you want immediate screening, be prepared to pay for it. Otherwise, starting with the small seedlings will be the most inexpensive route.

The current accepted planting practice is not to amend planting holes - the soil that comes out of the hole is the same soil that goes back in. And no fertilizer........but you can certainly topdress or mulch with compost or whathaveyou.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

My favorite whathaveyou is cedar play chips. Not the cheapest bulk mulch, but definitely the nicest.

Mulching after planting to stabilize soil conditions (mulch forms a protective blanket) is the most important initial, one-time step. You also, of course, want to water new plants in and keep them diligently watered as needed. And mulches should be replenished periodically.

Small specimens in particular will need to have the mulch kept from sliding in around their stems and covering them.

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