Last of the Season

Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)October 4, 2012

When the UPS guy came today, he said he hoped I was okay, because he'd not been delivering much in the last week or so.

I told him, THIS is the last of my plant orders THIS YEAR. And so it is.

WadeGatton order has 21 different hosta. I am very pleased with the box full, and will list those 21, plus orders with Don Rawson and Hallson, that arrived over a week ago. These three orders are hosta that are going down for the count, or nearly so, and I won't do anything to extend their growing season. All the Hallson/Rawson hosta are in deep shade as cool as I can keep them....considering we had 88 to 90 degrees today.

From Don Rawson, I received

Rhino Hide OS............Rhino Blue (gift)

Color Revolt.............Lucy Vitols........Aspen Gold

From Hallson, I received

Purple Lady Finger #2....Luna Moth........Ginsu Knife

Autumn Frost.............Eye Declare......Heat Wave

Moon Shadow.............Old Glory.........Rainforest Sunrise

tokudama 'Aureonebulosa'.........Yellow Splash Rim

Emerald Ruff Cut........American Sweetheart (bonus)

From WadeGatton I received

ventricosa (species)...Sweet Susan.....Hadspen White

Princetta..............Dear Heart......Feather Boa #2

Harry Van de Laar......Grand Tiara #2..Edge of Night

Mascouten (formerly named Green Summer Fragrance)

Navajo.................Heartache.......Sunny Delight

Night Before Christmas.....Snowflakes......Showtime

Sweet Marjorie.........Sweetie.........Tortilla Chip

Van Wade Blue..........White Knight

Note: this order is heavy on fragrant hosta. Mr. Wade dug extra eyes of some instead of a separate gift hosta.

When another of his Indian series makes its way through TC, I will be getting Cherokee, the tribe linked to my family background.

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Gesila(MI Z5)

Wow Moc, that's quite a list! How many "in total" did you get this summer?


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Cher(6 SW OH)

I have a feeling you are going to have withdrawal symptoms this Winter. :) Nice haul.

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Gesila, you've taken the question right out of my mouth.

Girlfriend, how many hostas HAVE you added this year? With your construction, "hurry-cane" and creating your hosta collection, you have had quite a busy year.

With Les's leg injury and rehab, my garden work has me totally worn out. I don't know how you do it?

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Geez,moc,you must have acres of property where you live! I once got 35 new hostas a few years ago,but have tailed off severely in recent years,due to finances.Besides,I have to clear more land to make room,as I live in the woods on the side of a mountain,and most of my property in too steep to garden on! Good luck with all those pots! Lol! Phil

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First, Gesila.....I lost count a while back, but somewhere in the area of 250. Some don't count much, they were tiny ones, don't you know. My new strategy with them is several in one container while they fill in.

Then the ones I figure will be lost and not return next year, even though Ken says they thrive on harsh treatment. I've even begun dragging the bare roots across a metal mesh table to sort of stimulate them to grow once they reach new soil. I'm also preparing for the big venture of really PLANTING some hosta. The Winter Snow, Blue Angel, and Fragrant Queen in the ground still look fantastic. I never realized how perfect Blue Angel is--he is showing his stuff start to finish. Deep dark blue green perfect leaves.

No acres of property, but I've created islands of hosta using large patio umbrellas. The latest is 11 foot diameter. Just need a couple bags of sand to fill the base which is on wheels. Then I have the 12 x 25 shade structure which I'll cover and then a 12 x 12 folding shade thingy I will use for DH's winter construction projects when it rains. I actually have quite a few unused areas still to go.
The plantaginea empire is in a spot with more sun than the others. Shielding them come summertime from the intense heat and light from the west is a real concern, but I'm coming to believe those roots can grow even if the tops look like "carp?" To take a line from Ken's book.

I'm looking forward to winter this year. Singing lullabies to the babies, hoping they go to sleep nicely and stay that way all our brief winter time. My poor Stained Glass last year got disturbed I believe and never went dormant, to my surprise--only after it lost all 3 leaves and started over did it keep going long enough to produce a nice scape for me before summer was over. I think that might be an issue with several hosta not acclimated to our growing conditions.

I have two neighbor-ladies who want to walk the garden with me when it is finally organized, and they are great gardeners. I can see potential for coffee in the hosta patch, or tea, with butterflies and bees and hummers in abundance, under the shade of the large canopy of camellia sasanquas, verily A Moveable Feast. In pots. And otherwise.

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Oh, Moccasin, you are so bad for me! I have never ordered from Wade and Gatton before but I will definitely check them out! Don R is already on my radar for spring.


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Oh, Moccasin, you are so bad for me! I have never ordered from Wade and Gatton before but I will definitely check them out! Don R is already on my radar for spring.


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Sandy, you can download the PDF file of WadeGatton catalog, and send Don Rawson an email to get his hosta list. Both provide great reading for a long cold winter night. I think.
Not having spent many "long cold winter nights".....:)

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Going to bed early tonight. Besides potting up those final 21 hosta from WadeGatton, I bordered and filled a new fern bed, cleaned up some debris, moved empty huge clay pots, and got ready to lay landscape fabric tomorrow.

My busy day was designed to keep me outside where I was not as likely to think of my sweet little maltese boy, MoonPie, who died in my arms yesterday, of kidney and liver failure. He would have been 13 on December 13. He was my shadow always.

His memorial plant will be Hosta 'Moon Shadow'....

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newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

Moccasinlanding: So sorry to read that your MoonPie has passed. I know you will miss him dearly. What a wonderful idea to have the hosta "Moon Shadow" as a memorial plant.

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