Tilled up half an acre for this year's garden yesterday...

ReedBaizeMarch 6, 2014

Been having so tough times on the personal side of things and find that gardening takes my mind off of things by keeping me focused on other things. As a result, my garden got a bit bigger this year. Doing .5 acres and tilled it up yesterday. I've posted my grow list for tomatoes but it's going to get posted again along with everything else I've either planted or will plant.

Aker's West Virginia
Arkansas Traveler
Berkeley Tie-Dye
Berkeley Tie-Dye Pink
Big Ben
Big Cheef F6
Black and Brown Boar
Black Cherry
Bosque Blue
Captain Lucky
Cherokee Purple
Copper River
Dr. Lyle
Great White
Green Giant
Harvard Square
Lemon Boy
Livingston's Paragon
Maiden's Gold
Omar's Lebanese
Porter - Charles Herring Strain
Porter Improved
Purple Calabash
Siberian Tiger
Taylor Lacey Leaf
Yellow Dragon

Jaune Dickfleischige
Poona Kheera

Black Spanish - Round
China Rose
Chinese Red Meat
French Breakfast

Cherokee White Flour
Reid's Yellow Dent
Silver Queen

Burpee Golden OG
Detroit Dark Red

Alabama Red
Eagle Pass
Hill Country Red
Jing Orange
Star of David

Pontiac Red
Yukon Gold

Chinese Cabbage
Late Flat Dutch

Texas 1015

Fooled You
Jalapeno Hot M

Dragon Tongue

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Reed, it's good to see you post. I hope things get better for you. You have a very impressive grow list.

Best of luck.


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Whoa! I see the Farmer's Market in your future.

Great work.


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Lisa_H OK(7)

If you aren't going to do the farmer's market...the food banks will take donations from you. Sharon and I helped harvest for a GW poster last year and we both sent some of the overflow to two different pantries.

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Reed, I see lots of canning jars, dehydrators and freezer bags in your future. ;)

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Reed, It sounds like you're ready for spring now, and I'm envious because I bet you'll get to plant earlier than we will since you're further south now. What's your average last frost date there, and are you in zone 8a or 8b?

You have a great grow list and I am sure you'll have a terrific garden this year.

I assume you have enough family members nearby that they'll be able to help you eat all that produce.


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The garden is in Hamilton at my father's house. The zone is 8a and average last frost date is March 1-10.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Glad to see you post Reed. You have been busy. I hope all is well or going that direction for you.

take care

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Hi Reed, Hope life is treating you a little better these days. It sounds like you are staying busy. Nice to hear from you. Carol

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Nice list Reed. hoping we have a great gardening year.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Reed, If the weather behaves, you'll be able to start planting warm season stuff really soon, you lucky gardener you. I am completely green with envy as I look at the icky, cold, gray skies outside and the forecast low for us tonight.

Hamilton. I like Hamilton. We haven't been there is a long time, but I love that part of Texas. Now I am craving a slice of pie from Hico's Koffee Kup. It doesn't even matter which flavor. The last time we were there, it was chocolate pie with meringue about a foot high (slight exaggeration). If I lived in or near Hamilton, I'd occasionally go AWOL from the garden just to go to Hico to eat lunch so I could have chicken fried steak and a slice of pie.

I hope the weather there is cooperating with your garden plans better than the weather here is cooperating with ours.


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Impressive grow list, good luck!
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