Bulbophyllum medusae

terpguy(7)March 9, 2014

Just bought this yesterday , no bloom credit.

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Wait till it gets rolling, they are incredible,


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Are they hard to grow?

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I can't answer that Shirley, this is my first time trying it. However I had a friend who used to grow this in his house and he was relatively new. He apparently did very well with it. As long as you keep them pretty moist, you should be okay.

He grew his in a basket that sat in water. The basket disintegrated pretty quickly but the plant was very healthy. When I brought this home a couple days ago, I put it in a 6 inch pot with fine for bark. That should help keep it sufficiently moist. I have another NOID Bulbo that is growing very well in this set up. I believe Nick grows number of bulbos in pots quite successfully as well

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