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mosswitchOctober 5, 2013

Not a lot of hostas on this website, but a lot of interesting and rare companion plants from Barry Glick, one of the most well-known plantsmen in the world. He does ship retail where he does not have an outlet. I guess you have to call or email him for prices and availability.

Here is a link that might be useful: rare plants from Barry Glick

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Sandy, thank you for the link! I happen to grow a handful of the plants featured.....I transplanted a few from the cottage several years ago and they are growing well. Each spring I go looking for these treasures in the bush but more to enjoy looking at rather than to dig up.

The blue hepatica I dug up from where it was hidden from view and transplanted it nearer to cottage for closer appreciation. It survives with about only 4-5" of soil as the garden is built on rock.

I have a huge trillium! regular sized ones too and they are companions to Frances Williams. All foliage disappears for the summer and reappears each spring.

The false Solomon's seal is so laden with red berries that the stalks hang down to the ground. What is interesting is that the berries are actually green, not red, but as the red spots appear, they eventually completely cover the green! This year the leaves really dried out early, so I cut the stalks down, including berries, to about a foot long. The birds don't seem interested in these particular berries.

Which of these plants listed in your link do you have?

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False Solomon's Seal,and Trilliums abound in my woodland garden. I even transplanted some FSS to another part of the garden. Phil

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Have you ordered from him before? I tried to get info once and our emails seemed to go round in circles. My questions were never answered and when I would try to clarify he would resend the previous emails to me that had nothing to do with my question. That went on for a while so I just gave up.

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Never ordered from him. I just found the site on another forum and thought it looked interesting, and I really haven't had the chance to go through the listing plant by plant but I might try and order some if I can get in touch with him. Thanks for the heads up, Chris.

I've been collecting woods wildflowers for years, so I already have a lot of what he's offering, but I thought I might find something different. Always looking for unusual mayapples and arums.


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there's a place with very many unusual and rare plants down around Ann Arbor Michigan with an unusual name - help, Ken? - the place with the huge tortoise that wanders about the gardens . . .

also, my recent road trip cause me to find a quince tree, if anyone wants seeds?

hh, making membrillo !

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Hostahillbilly, are you by chance referring to Arrowhead Alpines in Fowerlerville, Michigan?


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that's it, ninamarie, tanks!


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josephines123 z5 ON Canada
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