Where to get River Rocks in Portland

rkwpnw(8)September 1, 2009

Any suggestions on where to buy 1-2" River rocks in Portland? Grimm's Fuel is the only place I can think of but there must be others out there. I am trying to create a path on a weedy south side of the house.

Any advice on how to use them. My thoughts are to level the ground, lay some weed barrier and then dump some rocks on top? Should I use sand?

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The general plan sounds OK, but "river rock" is typically quite round and would not stay in place when walked on. Sand would not hold them in place. A single layer of river rock might stay in place but would not be thick enough for a permanent pathway.

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I agree with above - you might want some kind of border to keep the rocks in place.

As to where to get them beyond Grimms:
Mt. Scott Fuel - SE Foster
Oregon Decorative Rock - NE Columbia and Beaverton
Heritage Rock - Oregon City

I really like Heritage Rock.

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and people at those establishments could be able to advise you further.

Even with a border, the river rock might tend to migrate to the path sides and leave a void where people mostly step.

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Thanks all for the advice and other locations... I was hoping to place some stepping slate/concrete stepping stones in the middle of the path. But the idea of getting advice from these folks is a great one. Maybe I could take a photo of my space and ask them. Thanks!

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Large, obvious stepping stones in the middle would largely solve the slip-sliding river rock problem.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I second Heritage Rock in Oregon City, I live in outer SE Portland but have driven there are multiple occasions though there are sources quite close to my home. There are three rock places on SE Divsion between I205 and Gresham alone. Though I did just buy some plain gravel at one of them, if I wanted something special I'd go to Heritage Rock.

River rock and pea gravel do roll, I replaced all the pea gravel I'd put in my greenhouse with quarter minus crushed rock which packs down and is so much better to walk on.

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mary_pnw_7b(Oly WA z7b)

I love Smith Rock - 6001 Johnson Creek Blvd. in Portland. Everytime we visit friends in Portland we stop there. It is huge and they have everything you could imagine! They have a great website too www.smithrockinc.com. We just had 7 tons of flagstone and other rocks delivered. Even with the delivery charge to Olympia, WA it was cheaper to buy from them then places around Oly. They have gorgeous materials and all sizes of River Rock!!

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Smith and Heritage Rock are both great sources!

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I went to Heritage Rock this morning and it appears to have been bought by somebody. They don't have the selection they used to. I don't know if its a transition stage or what. Does anyone know what's going on?

I'm going to have to try Smith Rock. Anywhere else to check out?

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