moving Sib irises for swap

deanna_in_nh(5a/4b)August 17, 2009

So I'm already very excited about a PLANT SWAP woo hoo! I'm reading up on how to transplant my purple Sib irises and yellow daylilies for the swap. I read that Sib irises must be kept moist and transplanted right away, unlike the tough bearded iris rhizomes which can wait a while. Is that true? How do you get your Sib irises and daylilies safely to the swap?

And, I have so many many common ditch lilies (Tiger lilies) on the rare chance that somebody actually NEEDS them.

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You know, I just thought of something obvious. I guess I could put them in containers with soil. Flash of genius?

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Hi deanna-
Here's an easy one: Sib irises tend to be pretty 'tough' to divide in my yard. What I mean is I need one of those flat shovels to cut through the mass to actually take a chunk to a swap. What I do: Take that chunk out, forget "potting it up" and simply put the chunk (don't shake the dirt off) into a plastic hannaford bag. They are just as easy to tote to the swap, the dirt is contained in the bag for your friend to take it home in, and as long as you double-it up, you can certainly water it if you REALLY need to if you dig it more than a couple days in advance. I totally don't worry about irises and daylilies surviving out of the ground for even days at a time. They're tough.

I do a lot of my digging the day before, and a sometimes I do get fancy and pot things up, but some stuff is just too big, or I'm just too lazy, so out come the Hannaford bags (they're also a little tougher than a WM bag).

Oh, and fwiw, we all know what fall plants look like when they come to the swap. If it's no longer "pretty," don't give it a second thought- we get the whole "dead-looking-but-not-really-dead-plant thang."

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