Please help ID this beautiful hosta

vivian_2010October 4, 2012

All, I am still new to growing hosta. There is a hosta that came with the house a few years ago. It ~ 2.5' tall x 3' wide. Big leaves. Can you help identify it? I really like it and it has been easy to take care of.

Picture taken today

Thanks in advance


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Pieter zone 7/8 B.C.

Don't recognize the name, welcome to the Hosta Enablers Forum, Vivian. This Hosta strikes me as 'Paradigm'....


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I won't be much help with your ID Vivian. I looked at some pictures of Paradigm and pieter may be right. Glad to see your posting. It took me a year to begin and now you can't shut me up. So at least I can say "welcome girl".

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Thanks Pieter and Theresa for the help and encourage. So now I have some idea and searched for images of Paradigm. Some of the Paradigm pictures show wider dark green margins, while others have narrower margins (like mine). I guess it may have to do with the sun exposure.

Thanks again for the help. This has been a great forum to learn (and enjoy).

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'Paul's Glory' is another possibility

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bernd ny zone5

I had a H.'Paradigm', 'Paul's Glory' and 'Gold Standard' relatively close to each other, and except for size and maturity they looked the same.

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Looks like Paradigm to me.


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gogirlterri(5 IL)

What color are the blooms vivian? The PG and OG are fairly dark lavender. Paul's Paradigm looks like it has a white raceme!

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All, thanks for the help. After Allnitro mentioned it could be a Paul's Glory. I searched the forum and found some postings on the similarities. So I guess it is a possiblitity.

Paul, the Paradigm picture you posted here is exactly what mine looks like.

This hosta's bloom is very light lavender. So maybe this is another indication that it could be a Paradigm?

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My young Paradigm (all my hosta are YOUNG, some a little more mature because they came from mature clumps) is here. I think the Paradigms all are eye-catching.

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