Non-Hardy agave care?

salt_creepOctober 15, 2008


I sent a couple of agave pups to a friend who lives in North Bend, WA and now we're wondering how they'll cope when winter hits. They're probably not hardy, but if given protection from the rain could they remain outside in a sheltered spot, or should they be brought indoors for the winter? Will they still need a lot of light if they're kept cool and unwatered?



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Do you know what species? Many agave are more cold hardy than one would expect, growing naturally in high mountain desert areas that can get darn cold in winter. What they don't like is our winter wet. If hardy, stashing somewhere out of the weather is suggested, like a covered porch or carport. If not hardy, then they need to be brought indoors or stored in areas that will reliably remain above their winter minimum temperature requirements. They need very little attention indoors during winter - indirect light is fine and a minimum of moisture. Just enough to keep them from drying out completely.

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Thanks! The mother plants of both were purchased unlabeled but one is probably A. desmetina 'Variegata' and the other A. potatorum.

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If you're fairly certain that's what you have, I'd bring them indoors before we have any real frost. A. potatorum is hardy to about the mid 20s and A. dessemetiana can even be damaged in very light frosts.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Someplace bright, cool and dry with no serious frost. Enclosed sunporch, south-facing garage window, lightly heated greenhouse...

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Thanks, all!


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Just a follow up... both agaves are still doing fine and growing! They spend the winters indoors with no light or water, come out in spring looking a bit shriveled but they plump up quickly and the potatorum is now producing offsets!


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