Cattleya skinneri 'Cabeza Grande'

scott361(7)March 26, 2008

It's nice, but I prefer the 'Casa Luna' cultivar if I'm going with this color type.


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Very nice 'big head' of flowers, Scott.


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Your C. Skinneris are fantastic! I tend to like this one more than the others due to its unique petal characteristics --- reminds me of C. Mossiae. Is the flower larger than your other C. Skinneri varities?


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Thanks for the nice words!

Regardless of the name, I'd say that the flowers are half the size of my 'Casa Luna' division.
The ÂDebbie flowers are pretty much the same size, though.

As I know that everything has been getting poor care, this winter, I'm surprised that so many are doing rather well.
Although I'm slowly losing a Catt. violacea cultivar that I won't be able to afford to replace!:~(

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Charm(Z8 TX)

Catt. violacea like it warm and continusely damp, no winter rest...bright light...your skinnery's are gorgeous!~Charm

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Thanks for the complement, Charm!
Must be their resilience, as I know that it couldn't be from my care:~)

Yeah, I know what the tempermental things like, but...
This one causing me so much pain, is my 'Icabaru'!
I'm pretty sure that I will lose it!:~(
Game over!
It was mauled by some scale that showed up and I didn't notice until way late.
It was doing so well and had tripled in size, but now...
All my others are doing very well, but this one has lost all the roots and is going down hard!

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Very nice skinneri Scott, sorry to hear about your violacea. I do have a an empty violacea ICU section in my outdoor shade house in South Florida. I'd hate for that plant to go belly up.
I know scale can be a major downer if you don't check your plants regularly, especially if you grow them somewhat crowded.

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