Average Date of Last Spring Freeze in OK

Okiedawn OK Zone 7March 6, 2009

With the recent temperatures being much warmer than usual, it would be easy to get spring fever and plant too early.

Remember that our average spring freeze dates have not passed yet. Also, remember that approximately half the time, the last freeze of spring will occur later than the date shown on the map. Plan your plantings accordingly and don't plant anything that is only marginally cold-hardy

unless you're prepared to cover it up at night and uncover it in the morning (and that doesn't guarantee plant damage will not occur, either).

The OCS map of median last spring freeze dates is linked below.

If you want to see more detailed data on your specific county, you can visit the website of the Oklahoma Climatological Society and go to the pages for your specific county.

I know everyone's getting eager to plant, but we'll see more normal temperatures, including sub-freezing nights in some locations, in the next 7-10 days.


Here is a link that might be useful: Map of Median Dates of Last Spring Freeze

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I hopefully have only cold tolerant stuff planted. onions,cabbage,turnips,beets,sugar snap peas.

I have been watering the onions and cabbage to try and keep them alive. the wind has sure beat them up and we sure need some rain.

i just now planted the peas today and the turnips and beets a couple of days ago. i know beets are not as cold hardy but last year i had some that seen a lot of cold weather in the fall and they survived just fine. Granted they did'nt do much growing.

I'm still trying to get my tomatoes and peppers started. I had some old seeds and some of them didn't do to good so i had to start over.

But maybe with the greenhouse i will have them up and going by planting time.I usually dont plant them till the middle of April. I usually plant my corn the first of april.I have had to replant but it is a gamble to try and beat the heat.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I wonder if that top blue is Tulsa.
I am not accustomed to worrying about the frost, but the rain bothers me - mainly storms. Planting vegetables means I should be more careful, but I can cover the plants if I need to - shielding them from pounding rain is something else. I do feel that once it begins to rain, the weather will try to make up for lost time, and we could have huge problems in planting.

THanks for the map, Dawn.


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