krussow(6A)March 12, 2011

i am going to plant them for the first time this year and have a few ideas...

1. can i plant them in my asparagus bed between the rows. I am planting the asparagus this year also. and it is one place that i can baby them along if needed.

2. my mom has raised them before with success but they are not that big.and i have heard a few suggestions on getting them to develop bigger..1 do you pile dirt around the bulb as is grows OR (heard this also) pull dirt away from the bulb so it can expand...

also planting depth and suggestions that i would love...

Thank you soo much!


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Kaity - I would NOT plant them with aspargus. Aspargus needs room to grow and spread it's roots. Planting and pulling onions would just disturb them.

You can plant onions 1/2 to 1" deep. Plant them 4" apart if you're going to leave them to "bulb", every 2" if you're going to pull every other one to use as green onions. If you leave them at 4" spacing, just water...and watch. IF they shoot up a stalk and bloom, pull them. That's what they call "bolting" and that onion will never be any bigger or better than what it is when that happens. Otherwise, they'll break over on their own when they're ready to pull.

Others that are smarter than me may come along with better and more detailed advice, but that's the best "short story" I can offer.


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Even if you didn't buy from Dixondale, this is still a good read. You do mean plants, right?

Here is a link that might be useful: Planting Guide

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