What This 90o Weather is Good For!

dfaustclancyAugust 31, 2010

The other day I FINALLY gave up and shovel-pruned the rose that has been the bain of my existence. Once upon a time, I did indeed love that rose. Alas, it betrayed me, turning into a Dr. Huey and finally I have had to banish it to the outdoor fireplace. But prior to the fireplace, it gets to sit on the desert of a driveway, drying out in the grinding relentless sun.... Bwah hah haha ha That'll show the other roses who's boss. BWAH HAHA HAH!

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LOL, Debra! Love that evil laugh - I am feeling the same way as I toss uprooted crabgrass, perilla, and other assorted noxious weeds onto the brown lawn.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

ROTFL!!!!! I've got a couple things that need shovel pruning here to.... but it's too hot to go out and dig them up.

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rockman50(6b SEMASS)

The beach---every night this week after work, at Horseneck in Westport. The water has been clear and warm (75 deg) and the swells from Earl were perfect for body surfacing on Wed. night. But they were a little too big last night and breaking too far off shore--wouldn't venture that far out on that beach. If the undertow doesn't get you, the sharks just might!

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Maybe your ex ___ wasn't the best choice of fertilizer. Pushing up daisies isn't the same as pushing up roses.

I thought this was going to be like rockman50's seaside escapade. You know. A happy, daring or adventurous stroll through the garden kinda' post.

I never really understood the "Gun's n' roses" thing but it has become quite clear upon reading your post. Please never love me 'man'... keep me high on your fecal roster.

Think I'll just try my luck and stay on your good side. Maybe snag a bag o' mulch from your wood pile or mow down your annuals in the spring. Something of that nature. Shaw's beat feet out of CT far, far away from Boston a while ago.

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