bebe_ct(6a)August 18, 2012

Hey all,

My English thyme didn't flower this year. Anybody know why that might be?

I'm disappointed, but only for the bees who love it...


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My common thyme flowered, but I'm hoping to find time to remove a lot of it this fall. It self-sows with more vigor than I'd like, and is a little too aggressive to be in the mixed beds - it climbs over the lavender and up the stems of taller plants like russian sage. And post-flowering, a lot of the stems have died back, maybe because of the wet weather we've had on the cape this past month. Not a pretty sight at the moment!

The only patches that look really good right now are ones that volunteered in the lawn, where it's been kept short by mowing. Those are a lovely deep glossy green. Maybe I should try mowing my mixed beds, too... but of course then it wouldn't flower ...

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