Flag Poles?

pixie_louAugust 8, 2014

Does anybody have a vertical flag pole? As opposed to one of those house mounted angle ones. Thoughts? Comments? In particular, does it look stupid if it doesn't have a flag on it? Since flag etiquette dictates that you cannot keep a flag out at night unless it is illuminated - and what are the chances that I will diligently put the flag out every morning? And since this will be in front of the Master bedroom window, I will not keep the flag illuminated all night.

The landscapers are coming Monday to redo all of our hard scape in the front. New stairs, relocated front walk way, new retaining wall, new lamp post, laser level the front yard. So I'm busily digging up the white garden to clear the work area. Once they are done, the white garden will expand by ~8 feet. And I thought a flag pole might look nice off to the side of this newly expanded garden.

I've always wanted to have a vertical flag pole. But now that the opportunity presents itself, I'm thinking logically about it. Trying to decide if it really is a good idea.

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corunum z6 CT(6)

My folks had one and it became exactly what you suspicion. When the flag flew, it was very nice. When it hung limply, not as good. Never flew in the winter. When it didn't go outside, we had a white pole. Follow your gut.

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Yes, follow your gut!

Flag poles look lovely in front of a town hall or a public library, but when I see one in front of a house, I often wonder ... are the residents cheating on their taxes, or not bothering to vote, or bribing politicians, and then trying to make up for it by flying a big flag?

LOL, sorry if that's not helpful! I like the little poles that mount on a bracket and can be removed whenever there's no flag. Much less maintenance, too!

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Jane - thank you for bringing up the point that I would also need to have a wind machine installed to make the flag look nice!

Digging - how did you know I cheat on my taxes and bribe politicians? ;')

Thank you both for helping my realize that this is not going to become the idyllic vision in my head.

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