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diggerdee zone 6 CTAugust 16, 2009

My poor garden has been so neglected this year. First I didn't venture out because of all the rain. Then lately it's been sooo humid I just wasn't up to any physical labor.

I finally went out and weeded the front beds and pulled back the encroaching lawn.

I think it's time for a bit of dividing and maybe some re-thinking of what goes where, lol. I've really got to start planning and stop plopping.

Obviously I didn't get around to cutting back the dead stuff. In addition to the helenium, rudbeckia, dead daisies, echinacea and that tall rudbeckia (can't remember the name), right in the front you can see some irises, a bit of knautia, some dead allium heads in there, one or two foxglove seedheads sticking up, and bits of phlox peeking out (probably trying to look for help, lol).

Here's the same bed from another angle:

Here you see some ratty campanula, some phlox, echinacea, even rattier monarda, and that tall rudbeckia again, which has to be over six feet tall - very cool (I'm thinking Herbstonne, but I know I started this from seed and I didn't start Herbstonne...)

And this is the bed I worked on. You can only imagine what the other beds look like this year. I don't dare show my vegetable garden lol.

Well, I guess I know what I'll be bringing to the swap, lol.



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You should just post that photo on the thread for our upcoming Fall Swap with a label that says "Take your pick!" :)


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spedigrees z4VT

I LOVE your rudbeckia and echinacea! I have nothing to swap, but if I did I'd be first in line to show up at your booth or car or however it's done! I wish my gardens looked like your jungle!

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Dee, that looks pretty darn good for a neglected garden! I also missed most of the early part of the season, being out of town, and now it looks like my house has been abandoned. If I post some photos, you'll feel A LOT better, I'd bet.

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Thanks, guys, for the kind words, even though it is a mess.

Spedigrees, it is very easy to get a garden like this. Just follow these steps:

1.) Have a yard that is 90-95% shade.

2.) Buy lots and lots of sun-loving plants.

3.) Shove as many of those sun-loving plants as you can into the same small bit of sun. Never mind about color combinations, texture, height, or any other design element. The important thing here is sun exposure. Remember to plant as closely to each other as possible to fit everything in.

4.) Neglect.

5.) Never deadhead or cut back, so every single stinking echinacea, rudbeckia, knautia, anthemis, feverfew, and foxglove seed, etc., becomes another plant.

6.) Never thin or divide either.

7.) Weeding is okay, if you can reach into the bed through the thick jungle. I usually just weed the edges... occasionally.

6.) Neglect some more.

There you go. I just hope for your sake that your sun patch is in the BACK yard, and not front and center, 10 feet from the street, so the entire neighborhood and every passing car can see it.


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spedigrees z4VT

ROTFL!!! Actually I have about two mowed acres of sun, and I'd love it if it all looked like your garden!

I follow most all your advice with my perennial beds and I've yet to achieve the profusion of blooms you have. I guess where I've gone wrong is not to cram enough plants into the beds! I'll just have to keep working on it!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Well, you gave me a good laugh Dee. I think it's time you cut down some trees for more sun. [g]

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treeskate(6a Hartford CT)

Add a jellow jacket nest within the flower clump and neglect continues......

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Ooh yikes, I just discovered a yellow jacket/hornet nest (I'm really bad with my stinging insect IDs, lol) in another bed that isn't quite as neglected. Luckily for me, I discovered it while watering, and wondered why all these hornets were flying around. When I shut off the hose, they immediately descended into a little hole. Better to find the nest like that than to dig into it.

See, sometimes it's good to neglect a bed, lol. However, this slightly neglected bed will now become heavily neglected, like the front bed, until I figure out what to do about that darn nest.


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spedigrees z4VT

EEEk! Raid Hornet Killer sprayed into the hole at night while they sleep, my recommendation. Maybe I'd best not let my flower beds get too jungle-like. Wasps and hornets terrify me. (shudder)

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molie(z6 CT)

Absolutely, Dee.. you need to worry about those yellow jacket nests especially because they probably feel as if they have the run of the garden (since the little woman hates the heat). Be careful. I always "listen" for a few minutes before I tackle any overgrown beds. Years ago I was chased down the driveway and into my house by angry yellow jackets that I disturbed. Vicious critters!


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