Dwarf Youpon Holly in sun

decaliMarch 16, 2007

I need to replant an area and want to keep consistant with the rest of my beds. I have some dwarf Youpon Hollies in full sun that do pretty well in various spots in the yard. Can I also plant them along a south facing brick wall or will they fry?

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I have dwarf yaupon 'Stokes' in a mixed tree/shrub/perennial bed beside my house. The bed faces south. In this bed, there are taller shrubs (Dwarf Burford Hollies) and young trees (Shumard Oak and Desert Willow) between the dwarf yaupon hollies and the wall of the house, so the plants do not receive direct heat/light radiating off the wall. They have done very well under these conditions.

I have never had yaupons planted directly alongside a south-facing brick wall, so I can't answer your question from personal experience. However, I believe that if you put them in a well-prepared bed that has organic matter in the soil, keep them well-mulched, and keep them well-watered until they are well-established, they should be fine. Yaupons, after all, are native to Texas, and it gets plenty hot there. I see them used a lot in commercial plantings alongside buildings, sidewalks and streets, and they seem OK there, too. In those situations they are receiving reflected heat/light off the buildings, streets and sidewalks much as yours would receive it from the brick wall.


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I have y. hollies were you are planning on planting them and they love it. The also get the full afternoon and evening sun. They are mulched and I do have soaker hoses running through the bed which I use maybe every two weeks during drought. They grow like crazy and even take the neighborhood dogs using them as urinals. I fertilize once per season with 13/13/13. and that is all the care they get. Best plants for the area where I put them when many other things fried. They should do fine?!

Keep me posted, I would love to know how they respond.


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