Butterfly bushes budding out?

kawligaApril 1, 2014

When do you all see your butterfly bushes begin growing in Oklahoma? I planted a couple last year and pruned them back recently....but I'm not sure if still alive! Are these late growers here?

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I can't tell if you are in Northern Oklahoma, Central, or South. In OKC, mine started showing new growth about a week ago. If you are North of me, it may be a week or two later than me before you see initial spring growth on yours. It could also be dependent on the type of BB you planted, location, etc.

Mine is planted in a full sun location on the South side of my house, and it's close to the street and driveway, in a bed surrounded by rocks. The warmth retained by the cement and rocks during the day are likely to spur earlier growth than some in other settings.

Don't give up yet. I'd give it another 2-3 weeks before worrying about them.


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