sod with daisies?

anita9(8 Seattle)October 25, 2011

I want to put in a 4'x8' patch of grass in my outdoor space and thought I'd use sod since it's such a small area. But when I have used grass seed in the past I used a mix that had these cute double daisies in it.

So I was wondering if anyone

(a) can recommend a place to pick up a small batch of sod near Seattle,

(b) knows anywhere that sells sod with daisies or violets mixed in, or

(c) has any other ideas for how to make my tiny patch of lawn as fussy and cute as possible (for my dog to crap on.)

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reg_pnw7(WA 7, sunset 4)

I got individual rolls of sod from Home Depot. I think any similar big box store might have sod sold by the roll, but when I was there a couple weeks ago I got the last two live pieces. You may have to wait til spring. Most sod farms have a minimum order, they don't sell individual rolls.

Never seen the 'flowery meade' you want in sod form. Install the sod, then seed or plug in what you want. The daisies you're talking about can be bought as seed, they're Bellis perennis, english daisy. I like Viola labradorica in lawns instead of Viola odorata, the plants are smaller and bloom longer and don't get all cut off when you mow. Species crocus are nice too, they're earlier and shorter than regular crocus, so they bloom before the grass needs mowing. Ditto for the early dwarf narcissus. White clover is nice in lawns too, buy as seed. And of course dandelions! they'll come in on their own.

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anita9(8 Seattle)

Thank you so much for the ideas!

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