How to remove outer husk on walnuts

yugoslavaOctober 10, 2012

During a walk I came across walnut trees. There were a lot of trees around and nuts kept falling all around. Surprising that squirrels haven't been at it. These are not English walnuts and these have an extremely hard shell. The nut meat tastes great. I gathered a few and now wonder how to remove outer husk.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)
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back in Ohio, we used to hull black walnuts with a hammer!!

found this:
"Hulling walnuts, removing the husk, can be a difficult and messy task. The indelible dye from the husk stains hands, clothes, tools and work surfaces. If you are working with dry nuts, the husk can be removed by applying pressure to the ends of the nut. This can be done by pounding side to side with a hammer, of course while wearing safety glasses.

The husks can also be softened in a container filled with a slurry of three parts nuts to one part water and a handful of gravel. Stir the mixture vigorously. It may take more than one attempt to completely remove the husks.

If you are hulling a large quantity of nuts, the slurry can be used in a small portable cement mixer. An old-fashioned corn sheller will also be useful in hulling black walnuts.

Take care when hulling or shelling walnuts. The practice of driving over nuts with an automobile can be a dangerous one. Nuts and broken shells may be thrown into the air by the tires, possibly causing bodily injury or property damage. "

Here is a link that might be useful: harvesting black walnuts

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Warnings aside, my Grandparents in East Tennessee had several trees between a creek and gravel driveway. They either fell on the driveway or were moved there and folks drove over them. One of my fondest childhood memories is sitting on their front porch steps with a hammer and mass quantities of black walnuts. It's my favorite flavor to this day.

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Are you certain that they are walnuts? It sounds like you might have some prior experence with this particular tree, but I'm compelled to ask anyway - Because some buckeye husks are spineless, and they can look like walnuts, but they are POISONOUS! As to why the squirrels aren't eating them, it could be that the hard husk and shell make this nut more work than it's worth for the squirrels, or being a non-native tree, they might just not know what to do with it - or it is possible that they're not eating them because they are poisonous. Once you get the husk off, you'll know right away if you have a walnut. If it isn't a walnut, you still need to be careful because the buckeye fruit inside the husk looks an awful lot like chestnuts, too. So if it's not a walnut, it might be a buckeye, or it might be a chestnut - but not all chestnuts are edible (think: horse chestnut). I'm not certain that all chestnut species have spiny husks, because some buckeye species husks have spines, and some don't, and cultivars can be extremely variable. Anyway, just saying - Make sure you have a firm ID on the tree before you eat the fruit.

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