Flowering shrub seen on Cape Cod - can you tell me what it is?

annarose1August 8, 2009

I visited Cape Cod during the last week in July and saw a flowering shrub in many places that I'm trying to identify. Unfortunately, I only saw it as I passed by in the car. The shrub looks like it grows much like a hydrangea but the flowers are very different from the "mophead" blue hydrangeas that are everywhere. The flower on the shrub that I'm trying to identify is the same blue color of the blue hydrangea . . and I did see a light purple specimen also. But flowers are individual blooms of 4 or 5 petals (rather than "clumps" of flowers) and they look almost like they were "carefully placed" on the very top of the shrub. It's not Rose of Sharon - doesn't grow as "upright" as that and the flowers are only "sprinkled" across the top of the shrub. I know this is not very specific info but can anyone tell me what it might be?

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Is it a lace cap hydrangea?

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Is it plumbago? The flowering annual, not the groundcover.

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

Since you saw the shrub in many places, I second DTD's suggestion of lace cap hydrangea, which is common on the Cape.

I dug out this photo of Hydrangea Blue Billow blooming last year for an example of a fairly common lace cap:

The annual plumbago is a beauty, but not seen as often.


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cloud_9(z5 CT)


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Thanks all for your answers. Diggingthedirt and Claire, I believe you are right and what I saw was a lace cap hydrangea. From a distance the "lacey" growth was not so evident, but the petaled flowers in your picture, Claire, are exactly what I saw. Thanks again!

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