Maxillaria richii

scott361(7)April 20, 2008

This was one of my first of this species.

I got it in '06.

It bloomed once, then I almost lost it.

This is the first blooming since the recovery!

I was looking at my original photos of the last bloom.

I had just jumped in over my head with my new camera and my photos really left something to be desired.

This photo was taken with the exact same setup when I first got it.

Same lens and everything...

I guess that I've improved, almost, by accident.

Things have become somewhat better since then! ;~)

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

You are getting quite a Max collection. Good growing! Do you mind me commenting on a technical problem with the close-up shot, which I sometimes experienced as a beginner to 35mm ? Only part of the flower is in focus. This may be because you were using a wide aperture in low light. Try using your smallest aperture, f22 to f32 and a long time exposure - you may need a tripod - to compensate. It will increase the depth-of-field. With wide apertures, f8 or less, the depth-of-field is very narrow in tight close ups, often less than 1mm.Increasing the ISO value to 800 also helps if you have to hand hold. Dont use 1600, however, as sometimes this can make the picture grainy.

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I do use a tripod, Ian.
Even that lousy second photo was done using one!:~)

If my sequence of photos was vague, the first one was taken yesterday and the second one was from a year plus, or so, ago.
My point was that my photos have improved so much since then and how, given time, anyone can get better.
Even without training, just lots of practice.
I know that I have much room for improvement, but I'm relieved at how much better they've become.

I didn't mean to imply that it was a recent one.
I'm also not sure how my Max collection is growing so much.
I don't agressively seek them out like I do some others.
It just sorta' happens! ;~)


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