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elkwc(6b)April 17, 2011

I've read most if not all of Ruth Stouts books. I had never seen the videos on You Tube till tonight. Thought some might enjoy watching them. I found them very interesting just like her books. She was a very interesting lady. I will attach a link to video 1 of 2. There should be a side bar with 2 of 2 you can watch following the first one. Also in the side bar is the One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka. Another interesting video. Jay

Here is a link that might be useful: Ruth Stout 1 of 2

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Fasinating. Thanks for sharing.

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cjlambert(6b Tulsa)

I'm a Ruth Stout fan, too. Never thought I'd see her on YouTube!


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Well, seeems my messsage didn't make it but thanks for sharing.

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Jay, Do you follow all of her gardening advice? Personally I thought the part in 2 of 2 where she admits to gardening in the nude was a bit much, but to each his own. Or maybe that was the part you liked?????

Dear Diane, That question is for Jay only, so you needn't answer. LOL

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No. LOL. Let's just say that when you are red headed, freckled and have legs as white as snow in Jan. it probably wouldn't be wise. My first thought was she must not of had the skeeters and insects like we do or she wouldn't have gardened in the nude! I do think she has some very good ideas. And was a pioneer in many ways with her methods. I use some of them. But like with all of gardening what works for her won't necessarily work here because of the drastic different in climate and soil types. The one thing I've learned is too be very careful where you get mulch especially grass clippings. I feel very strongly that the grass clippings I used caused some of the problems I've experienced over the last 3-4 years. Along with some other factors. But whether you agree with her methods I think she is an interesting person to listen too and to read about. Was very independent and also thought outside the normal realm some. Just came in to get a drink and a bite of dinner. So better get back to the trailer and pot up some more. Jay

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owiebrain(5 MO)

Hey, I heard that! :-D I do dearly miss my scantily-clothed gardening. But, since we live at the corner of two fairly busy country roads, I doubt it would go over well. Maybe if I still looked like I did a couple of decades back...

Jay, what are your cautions about grass clippings? Now that we finally have a lawn, I'm excited to be able to use grass clippings. In fact, we just started the first mowing of the season and I've already spread some in the garden.

Wish I could see the video but we have limited bandwidth.


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Well I was so inspired to follow her advice, I had two daiquiris, stripped off my clothes and went out to the garden. A flock of crows fell from the sky, three nieghbors drove into the ditch and a poor mole turned to stone. All and all I'd say it was worth it.

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As long as you never spray it you should be ok. I used to read and hear 2 mowings was enough and then you could use the clippings again. Now with all the newer chemicals and sprays I've read where one grower used clippings after 6 mowings and had some minor issues. I read where one specialist said to be on the safe side to wait at least 3 months. I was getting my grass clippings from the local rec department. They didn't spray for a few years then started and didn't tell me. So basically never spray your lawn and you are good to go. Jay

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owiebrain(5 MO)

Ah, good to know that I've nothing to worry about then.


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Thanks Jay for clarification on lawn clippings. I have been using lawn clipping for mulch. But I never use any chemicals on lawn. Only problem I noticed with think mulch of grass clipping is watering, sometime it will act as a waterproof. -Chandra

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Ruth Stout was the reason I started gardening again when I was 23. We had a large garden when I was growing up, but I'd never had one of my own until I bought How to Have a Green Thumb Without an Aching Back at a book sale for $.50 and read it over and over again.

If you ever get a chance to read Company Coming, the book she wrote about her childhood family life, I highly recommend it. I love the way she wrote.

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Yes grass clippings especially if applied wet will tend to mat and shed water. Why many times if using clipping I would lay the soaker hose down and cover it. If you pile them up and turn them every few days they won't mat as bad but will tend to blow away worse also. Although this year anything less than a ten pound rock will blow around. Jay

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