Date for New Hampshire Plant Swap

annie_nh(z4/5 NH)August 27, 2010

Date for the Annual Fall New Hampshire Plant Swap is Sunday, September 26th.

At first I didn't think we'd have much to swap because of this extra- hot summer but the rain this past week has perked up the gardens at bit.

Besides,getting together with fellow gardeners is even more important and fun than the swapping.

Let me know if you plan to attend.

I'll post more information later on.

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Hello Annie!

SO glad to read that you are having a fall swap. I do love your swaps; and you are right, being with a bunch of gardeners is much more fun than the swapping, although thats good too.

I will be there. I have been potting up some holly bushes. I discovered that my ten year old holly bush had layered the lower branches, so all I had to do was snipped them and put them in pots. I did that after the last swap in JUne, so they have been doing very nicely all summer in their individua pots. If anyone wants one let me know and will put your name on one. So far they are the female bush. THis week I will try to see if I can pot up some of the male bush. But I read that as long as there is a male bush withing a mile, then the female bush wil produce the red berries.

Yes, it was hot this summer.......too hot! I don't have an air conditioner, and I never thought I needed one until this summer. As soon as they come available next spring I am buying a couple. I never want to go through a summer like we just had again without an air conditioner.The summer heat was was hard on the plants, but it was harder on me! I have enjoyed these cooler days.

I just never know what to expect from my garden. As a fairly new gardener, I am discovering that no matter what I do, the plants have a mind of their own and will do what they will do. Every year my yard seems differnt; and that is kind of nice, it's always a surprise.

A fellow gardener, this summer, introduced me to the world of flowering shrubs. I kind of like the idea of just putting in a beautiful flowering shrub and letting it do its thing without too much added work on my part. I am trying sooooo hard to create a low maintence. dazzling garden! I wonder if I can do it? Low maintence is key for me. My thumb is NOT very green!

Annie, I look forward to seeing you, and all the other gardeners in late september.


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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Hi Annie,

I was so sorry to miss your spring swap and have marked my calendar for this one and won't miss it! I'm very much looking forward to it!


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Hi Annie,

I'll be there!

I potted up a bunch of things right after the spring swap also, they are nicely rooted in the containers and should transplant beautifully.

I'm sure that Deanna will be posting soom so DEANNA, have you cleared a shady spot yet?? I have a few things to dig and bring if you have. let me know!

Annie, are you looking for anything specail, I can keep my eyes peeled out for.

I'll post a list of what I have dug up when I have more time.


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terryboc(z5 NH)

Thanks Anne for reminding me of the date for the swap-i'm sad that I've missed the last few swaps-I'm going to try very hard to be there for this one. I don't know what I'll have to swap, but I think my "Daring Deception" daylily is ready to be divided this year. I might have a bit of "Purple Emperor" sedum and a rosa virginiana (a native rose with single pink flowers early and huge hips late season).

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This summer was brutal! I think I might have lost some perennials. However, I still have plenty to swap and plan to attend. Thank you, Annie!

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Diane4000, do you need anything in particular to replace what you've lost?

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Well, I certainly would love to come, but I have another commitment on that Sunday at 11:00 in Gilford, NH, about an hour away. I'll see what I can do with the husband to work together so I can attend the swap. Depending on what time it starts, I could even come for just a little bit and head out.

Kathy, if you come I owe you some free things. You gave me such loverly daylilies and I don't think my stuff ended up worth squat that I gave you. If you come, pick a couple freebies off my list (when it's posted if I can come).

Lisa, I'm going to have some shade space next year, for sure. We're supposed to do an addition, and it will have areas that will need flowers that will not get full sun. Thanks for thinking of me! Let's hope I can work it out to get there. If we start at 9:00 I think I'll be all right.

Looking forward to it! Annie, I'll have a yellow daylily for you, payment from the spring swap.

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I'm sorry I'm going to miss the Fall swap. My friend enjoyed coming with me to the spring swap so I hope she will go even if I can't. My annual get-together/reunion weekend with old friends was re-scheduled.

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Hi Annie,

Glad you're up to doing it again. Hello Ladies! And Guy... LOL So far, so good on Sept. 26th. I always love coming to the swaps, not only to see everyone and enjoy the wonderful food and plants, but the vistas at Annie's are so lovely and so full of greenery that I feel inspired. I'm sure you do too!

Whoever gave me cardinal flower -- it is in full bloom right now -- so lovely!

Whoever gave me bee balm (didn't know if it was red or pink) it's red! yay, just want I needed. A little gone by now, but it bloomed nicely.

Don't know what I'm bringing yet, some hydrangea maybe and some heliopsis for sure. Also, some japanese primulas and creeping jenny.

See you in Sept.

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

Beautiful weather today so I ventured out to my garden ( I didn't set foot in it during those 99 plus degree days Besides,I had been forbidden to dig in my garden for 4 weeks because of a nasty fall .) The 4 weeks will be up this weekend so I wanted to see what I could put in the swap. I have a small spirea bush and some small Rose of Sharon bushes that just appeared out of no where.I will dig them up if anyone wants them
As a matter of fact I have 2 larger Rose of Sharon that I'd like to get rid of but some one else will have to do the digging. Blake, how is the honey suckle bush that you dug up? Want to do some more digging?
I also have grape leaf anemones, turtle heads, and some joe pye weed.
I probably will find more stuff once I get rid of 4 weeks-worth of weeds

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Hi Annie,

So sorry to hear about your nasty fall. I hope it was just a pulled ligament and not a broken bone. Glad that you healed quickly and will be able to get back to your regular routines by this weekend.

It was some hot summer. I am so grateful for the cooler weather. I have much work to do outside and have this noble goal of actually having all the gardens cleaned up, and prept for next season before the ground freezes. We will see how much I can actually accomplish!

Annie, the honeysuckle did great, and is very happy at its new home, Thank you very much. As long as Micahel is with me, I will be happy to dig.

See you at the plant swap

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Hi Annie
Will be there with much anticipation. Now that the weather is cooling off I have started digging. What I bring is always a surprise, as I never know until I start digging. Debra in Boston, DO NOT cut the tops off the cardinal flowers, let them go to seed.
This has been a crazy summer in the garden - things blooming 4-6 weeks in advance. My cardinal flowers started blooming four weeks early, so are almost done for the season

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Hi Annie,

Sheila and I will be there-not sure what we'll bring-I loved the summer heat but my gardens did not-I'll look around and dig something up I know I have tall phlox and some tall ballon flowers(white with purple..very pretty) Deciding on a great soup to make too. See you on the 26th

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Am I the only one who doesn't know what town it is in? This will be my first swap and if close enough to Boston, I will join you. I can post a list of perennials I have to share.

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

Hi cmprior
I live in Goffstown, NH. Usually it takes me about an hour to get to Boston. Hope you can make it.
Go to My Page and send me an email if you need directions.

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Hi Annie!! got your message yesterday, Yes!yes! yes! I am already counting the days, I will definitely be there. I have a large hellebore if anyone is interested, I think whats called a perennial bachelor button? not sure but its coming, a couple of young starts of the perennial yellow salvia I got last fall at the swap! Plenty of daylilies both named and unnamed, several oriental lilies, toad lily, solomon seal, jack in the pulpits, green dragon (same family as the pulpits) blue lupines, green apple columbine, have pics of most if anybody wants to see them. O and red bee balm.
Blake Taylor I haven't forgotten you I will bring the cheesecake recipe with me. So sorry, never got it taken care of. What happened with your rooster? Looking forward to seeing everyone, Kathie

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deirdre13(z6 MA)

Piera and I will be attending.Can't wait!
I'm not quite sure what I'll be bringing.
Lisa, I will bring a couple of salvia azurea for you, and will attempt to dig up the yellow baptisia.
Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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Hi Kathie,

I don't have a hellbore and would love it if its still available. Could I swap it for my rooster? It seems everyone has a rooster they need to give away. I really love my rooster. He has a great personality and I will miss him, but I won't miss taking him out of the chicken coop at night and moving him down to the barn, which is a lot further away from the house so I don't hear his morning serenade!

I am glad you didn't forget about the cheesecake recipe.

Haven't decided what I can bring to trade except the rooster! But I do have some holly plants that I took off over a very mature ten year old bush

See you soon


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Hello All!

I have my list together, I can bring the following plants to swap...

persicaria painters pallette

columbine- Larry's pink and creamy yellow

tiarella - candy striper

heuchera - frosted violet 2

heuchera - beauj? bonnetts 2

potentilla- melton fire

ligularia - start

echinacea- primadonna deep rose

heuchera- dales strain green

artemesia- limelight

candytuft- iberis

iris - superstition and cherubs smile

heuchera - unknown

heuchera - pistache

hens and chicks - red tip

sedum - bright green ground cover

penstemon - violet dusk

sedum - hose aubergine

sedum- xenox

prickly pear cactus hardy

coreopsis - creme brulee

coreopsis - rosea

whew! I think that's it for now....


Debra: jap. primulas

Kathie: hellebore, green dragon and toad lily

Deidre: baptisia and salvia

Marsha: tall balloon flower purple and white

Annie: turtlehead, I lost mine AGAIN!

Please let me know if we have a trade so I can mark pots as pre traded!


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Hi Cmprior, you don't have an email address listed. So if your still following this thread I live north of Boston and if your interested in going to the swap give me a yell. Kathie

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

I will have a turtle head saved for you. what else would you like? I would like your potentilla- melton fire and your penstemon - violet dusk
I would like some of your holly.
I've got someone coming over today to help me dig so will post again to tell you what I am able to add to my list. Still not supposed to do any heavy lifting or digging.

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ontheteam(5a-6 (S.Eastern, MA))

Hey folks, I can't make the swap but..if you want to donate the leftovers ( or anything else ) to the CMN Plant sale I can arrange a pick up . I am behind in getting the 2011 sale together.

Anyone interested in a spring swap and lending a hand for CMN in April 2011 in southern MA?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hi Annie,

I am glad to hear that you have someone to help you with the heavy work of gardening. Its been so beautiful. Perfect days to walk in the garden and speed up the healing pocess just by looking at the beauty of nature.

I will put your name on a holly plant.

I will be bringing some tupe of dessert.

Take extra good care of yourself and I will see you next sunday


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Hey Lisa,

I'll pot up the balloon flower for you - the plant you gave me this spring is doing great-not the amythest-in-snow you thought it was but a nice rud (dark orange and yellow).

I'm looking for some catmint for my front walkway and if anyone has spare blanket flower I'll be glad to take it.
See you all on Sunday.

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

Hi Everyone
Here is my list of plants to offer

Chelone (turtle head)

Aconitum (Monkshood)

Joe pye weed

Blue cardinal flower

Polemonium (Jacob's ladder)

Physostegia (obedient plant)


Rose of Sharon

fall aster ( pale pink)

lilac bush

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Hi Annie,

If the Hibiscus is still available, I would love it.


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Hello Everyone!

Oh, it's so nice to see everyone's screen names popping up. We should have a wonderful turnout on Sunday! It's only 6 days away, so I hope you are all out in the garden today, potting up and getting the ground ready for all of the new babies you're bring home from the orphanage! LOL

I've figured out what I can bring and I'll probably add a few more, here it is for starters:

Japanese Primroses, Miller's Crimson
Lacecap Hydrangea, Blue
Mophead Hydrangea, Nikko Blue
Heliopsis, Summer Sun
Persicaria, Firetail
Creeping Jenny
Viburnum, Tomentosum - cuttings only

What I would like to swap with others:

Lisa: Heuchera/frosted violet, iris, coreopsis, creme brulee, potentilla - melon and persicaria, painter's pallette

Annie: Jacob's ladder (do you have any white obediant plant?) And another grapeleaf anemone (croaked again)

Marsha - I have some catmint for you for your balloon flowers

Deidre - I would love one salvia azurea, yellow baptisia

Kathie, Oriental Lily and blue lupine (although I've tried lupin at least ten times, this is it's last chance)

Beryllium - I did not cut the tops of the cardinal flowers off. I should have plenty of seed for those who wintersow.
Do you? I have been sprinkling cardinal seed all around.... We'll see. Can I bring you something?

Annie - I think I will bring the Capresi Salad that everyone liked so much the year before (tomatoes/mozzerella/basil/onion)

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Worked things out so I'll be able to come, but I'll have to leave early. Am very happy and will post my list later, hopefully later today!

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Hi Annie,

Can I claim the monkshood as my second item to trade with you??


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deirdre13(z6 MA)

I can set aside a couple of salvia azureas for you, but the baptisia is already spoken for. I'll be bringing other assorted perennials, just not sure what as of yet,
I'm definitely be interested in your lacecap hydrangea, and maybe the mophead as well if you see anything else of mine you like at the swap

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

Lisa I will put your name on a Monkshood and a turtle head

Debra I would like one of your hydrangeas.I'll have a Jacob's Ladder and Grape Leaf anemone for you. The obedient plant has bright purple flowers.

Blake I have saved a hibiscus for you


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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

If anyone has extra pots quart size or larger I would like them. I've used up just about everything I have. I'm afraid I won't have any for spring.

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I can bring you some pots. And I'm sure others will too.


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I have a huge bag of pots that my sister grabbed from a landscaper, I'll bring you the whole bag. They are a big larger than I like.


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Hello ALL,

I am looking for comfry if anyone has extra to share.

Marsha, I have a pot of catmint for you.

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Please dont bother lugging the salvia and baptisia to the swap... I will come and pick it up at your house. Please email me with your number, I lost it and you have no email listed.


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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Hey everyone!

I'm not sure of the full list of what I'll be bringing just yet. I do have some shrubs to bring:
Beautyberry seedling
Hydrangea (Pee Gee) I think I have 2
Hydrangea (either Tardiva or Pink Diamond)
Viburnum (Emerald Triumph)
Styrax japonica (japanese snowbell tree) seedling
If anyone wants bridal wreath spirea I can dig up some shoots from that.
I can do the same with Kerria (double-flowered) as well.

I will be bringing some decent books for trade too.
I'll gather up the perennials soon and post those as well.

Looking forward to it.

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I would be interested in your viburnum emerald triumph if you can find something that you would like to swap for from my list.


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Okay, I just went out and tagged the pre traded items...

I have:

Debra- persicaria- frosted violet - creme brulee

sinbadsmom- hens and chicks-rosea-melton fire

Annie- violet dusk- melton fire

Marsha- what would you like for the balloon flowers?

deidre- what can I bring you when I come to pick up?

This is my revised list:

1 heuchera frosted violet left

1 Tiarella candy striper

1 columbine

1 ligularia baby

1 artemesia limelight

1 heuchera mocha

iris superstition-cherubs smile and full tide rhizome

1 sedum xenox start

1 hose aubergine start

added today:

1 sherwood purple ground cover phlox (marsha, you liked this at my house)

2 very low growing hosta
2 patriot hosta
1 solid green but not the traditional one, blue tones

1 bunchberry

1 black mondo grass just a start

anemone queen charlotte

geum miss wilmont lookin stressed out......


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I have a comfrey I can bring for you.... Do you know they are terribly invasive? Just thought I'd mention it....

Do you still want it? :-)


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I just remembered..... I can also bring a common water lily if anyone is interested.... Anybody have a pond they would like to have flowering plants in? My pond is a natural one and we have oodles of water lillies that come back every year. This year we are in a terrible drought, so I probably could get a water lilly if someone really wanted it.


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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

My neighbor came over to help me dig some more plants. I have quite a few more hibiscus to offer. Many of these flowered this year.
Does anyone remember who won the brugs which I put in the door prizes last spring.?I would like to know if it bloomed since I kept one which was the same age and it had beautiful blossoms this summer.
Looks like we might have good weather on Sunday.Keep your fingers crossed

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Hello Debra from Boston,

Yes I understand all about comfry. I would love to have a clump if you have enough of it for yourself. Also I would love the water lily if no one has claims it. I have a small pond in my back yard. Please let me know if there is anything on my list that you would like.
So far I am bringing a holly bush
southern wood
a shrub called goat's beard, I think
Rose campion


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Hi folks,

I plan to bring:

Hosta (1)
Veronica (speedwell), blue (2) (more available)
Laburnum (yellow string tree) (1)
Asarum (wild ginger) (4)
Mum, "Emperor of China" (1)
Allium sphaerocephalum ( blue) (5)
Campanula glomerata (2) (more available)

I also have a pine tree, about 5 yrs old, in a pot.
Anyone interested in this tree that can grow to 60 feet?

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I would love to trade for your mum emporor of china and 2 campanulas if you can find something on my list!


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OK, I'm out. Our other engagement was rescheduled for an earlier time, so it's just not in the stars this fall. Will certainly miss the fellowship, and I thank all of you for your past generosity.

Kathy, next spring you get some free things from my list for the swaps this past spring!

Annie, you're not too far from Manchester, and we go there often. I can bring a yellow daylily to you sometime this fall.

Lisa, I sure hope I didn't put you out with potting up shade plants. If so, I am so sorry for all this confusion! Please let me know how I can make it up to you.

Have a great swap!

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