A bowl of Pleiones

michoiceApril 18, 2009

I believe the climate in parts of the UK must be similar to Formosa particularly during the winter which is why these orchids seem to be able to stand up to and even thrive in what ever the weather seems to throw at them. Calvin recently posted a nice variety of my bog basic clump and refered to Pleiones as the Crocuses of the orchid world which I think is a very good discription.

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triciami5(z5 MI)

They are beautiful and so healthy looking. Good job!!!! Tricia

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Charm(Z8 TX)


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earthgirlok(z6 OK)

Beautiful! I'm looking for one of these myself! Beautiful photo.

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shaunsarctic_orchids(z0 NWT,Can)

That's a fantastic Pleione display. I can't imagine how many bulbs/growths are in that pot.


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That's incredible!! Mine are really, really slow this year.

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bolero(VIC Aust z9)

Beautifully cultivated! I generally stay away from them as the ones I see aren't anywhere near as well grown as yours. That is a wonderful display and an example to other growers.

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Thank you all for your very kind remarks. I really can't take any credit for their cultivation. They have never been under a roof or received any protection from the weather and it can be very cold and wet here in the winter. They do come in for some watering and a little weak fertilizer during the summer. I imagine Pleiones would not be happy in consistantly warm conditions. Peter

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xmpraedicta(3b Saskatoon)

WOW what an amazing show!! Thanks for posting - hopefully I'll get a clump half this size in time.

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