culprit of Disappearing Spinach

chickencoupeApril 9, 2014

In center of photo below blue half barrel. There are 2 more and they're lisving under that storage building on the right. Little Miss is ecstatic to have little bunnies hopping around here so eradication isn't possible. This was a week ago.

Today>>>> 2 more to go. The first thing we caught was a rat. Poison must go out, but first the buns are to be captured. More fertilizer!

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2 more to go...

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nervous little feller!

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Dandelions? What's wrong with feeding the poor half starved thing something decent, like spinach!

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All calmed down, now..

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I have no mercy when it comes to the little cotton tailed bunny suckers. If they leave my stuff alone, I leave them alone. If they eat my stuff, let's just say, they usually don't fare too well.
So far, the word must have got out and they are staying out of the garden.
I think a lot of it is a little later planting, compared to the last few years. That allows native forbes to green up, giving them a decent food source.
Now if the neighbor's cats will wise up.

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Cold_is_evil ~ I have some Seven Top growing as fast as it can! heeh

ok_sman ~ I was NOT happy to find them. And SO close to the house. They'll just sit still about 3 feet from where we are. TOO comfortable! But my six year old is very tender. A compromise had to occur. If we catch another and they breed out too much? Dog food!

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AAWWW, aren't they cute? I have two dogs that kill a dozen or so young rabbits every year with no discernable decline in the population. Unlike Dawn's our garden is not rabbitproof...or we rely on the dogs to help patrol it. This year we bought 2 ft tall chickwire, cut it to 1 ft tall and surrounded the pea bed with it. So far no more damage.

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I'm very happy I don't have a deer problem!!

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By the way, rabbits adore dandelions.

Tahlequah, OK

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