How do you read it?

MadPlanter1 zone 5November 6, 2012

I noticed an address for a web site in the Sunday coupons - How many of you pictured green leaf-shaped cookies instead of a cookie exchange?

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jan_on zone 5b

OK - I'm feeling a bit slow, but I read and re-read that and thought 'What the heck is a hosta cookie??' But then I would much rather be in the garden than at a party!
You provided my smile for the day. Thanks!

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I bit. I went to the site. I can be sooooo gullible. Tanks for the fun!


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Still giggling about this one MadPlanter! I, too, read HOSTAcookieparty. Shows you where are minds are, right? Here's a little something for you: Witches' Fingers Cookies I made for Halloween...

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MadPlanter1 zone 5

Glad I'm not the only one who thought it was Hosta cookie party. Not a bad idea, you could combine a plant swap with cookies.

Those Witches fingers are fabulous! Did you put in green food coloring to get that color?

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Yikes MadPlanter, something is wrong with your computer screen. What green?? You really are a true gardener seeing green where there isn't any, haha! No, there is no green food coloring anywhere....simple butter based cookie with roasted almonds for the nails and red decorating gel from a little tube for the "blood". And they were pretty yummy too!

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MadPlanter1 zone 5

Maybe it is my screen- it looks like there's just a tiny tinge of green. Gives them a nice ghoulish corpse-y look. It goes so well with those brown fingernails!

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

That made me smile! I could so see hosta leaf shaped cookies decorated with lovely shades of green, blue yellow, white and cream. Oh boy this is going to be a looonngg winter!
(I thought the fingers had a greenish ghoulish tinge of green too.) Guess I have a worse case of garden withdrawal than I thought.

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I see a green tinge in the witches fingers also. Then I kept looking and realized they looked much like one would expect a bread roll to look. If the background were taken away and changed to white, they probably wouldn't look green. Our brains are truly amazing things. We are so used to seeing witches with greenish skin that is how we are assimilating the witches fingers.

They are really a great idea nista! Theresa wants to bake them for next Halloweens treats. Thanks!


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Ha! Maybe it's the platter the cookies are on - it's silver with stripes of gold. Maybe the gold is a little greenish? Reflection maybe? I make these every Halloween and here's a picture of a previous year's cookie, no green there - served with a raspberry ice cream crepe and raspberry "blood".

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