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gardenbear1(6 Ma.)August 7, 2009

can any one tell of if a trip to Russel's garden center in Wayland Ma. be worth the trip from Springfield?? I'm always looking for new places to buy plant for my garden,I never know what I might find, but not sure if I want to drive over an hour and half just to find out I should have stayed home.

Thanks for all and any help


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gee, that could be challenging, even though they are a great garden center. With the economy down, inventory seems a bit off at several garden centers I've been to this year.

And in any year and at most garden centers, August is pretty slim pickings. The pots are usually worn a bit and the selection is less than ideal. THey are gearing up for the September 2nd season.

On the flip side, August can also be a good time for sales.

I have to go to a birthday party tomorrow a few miles away from Russells. This could be a great excuse to go stop in and check it out!!!

When were you thinking about going? And what would be on your must-have or would-love-to-find list?

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Hi, I made a trip there within the last couple of weeks and I was a bit disappointed. Of course, it was almost August and as wendy pointed out, the inventory was low. They did have a sale on shrubs going on and I picked up a Sky Pencil Holly I've been looking for at 25% off. I didn't go in the greenhouse, perennials were not so enticing and the shade perennial section was bare to the bones. Spring is the best time at Russell's.

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If you are going to drive an hour and a half from Springfield to Wayland, you might want to consider adding Mahoney's in Winchester to your itinerary. They are probably around 15 miles apart and some people love Mahoney's (others don't I think mainly because of their prices). Mahoney's in Winchester is huge. If you're visiting two places it might help rationalize the long trip. Good luck and have fun.

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gardenbear1(6 Ma.)

I will make plans to stop at both places next Sunday and then drive back on Rt 20 just to see what there is in the way of garden centers,I just want to look to see what they have that maybe the garden centers around me might not, I never know what I might bring home. Last week I was in NH at a place call house by the road side on Rt 101 (2hr drive one way ) its really neat place and was happy to come back with 5 xmas cactus 6 pots of mums all at a good price
Thanks for the help


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Bear, there is a Mahoney's on Rte 20 in Wayland right down the street from Russell's and New England Wildflower Society is in that neck of the woods, not too far. I usually try to visit there when I am at Russell's. They usually have a good offering of native plants. I was there when I visited Russell's a couple of weeks ago and found what they were offering a little disappointing. The prices are higher than last year and after the crazy weather we've had, nothing looked all that great.

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I'd be inclined to add yet another stop, to Stonegate Garden in Lincoln. They've got a wonderful selection of shrubs and trees, and their beautifully landscaped new fountain area is worth a look. They don't have as large a selection of perennials as Mahoney's in Winchester, but it's decent.

I haven't been to Russell's this season, but they're a great spot for pots and accents, and they have good sales on that kind of merchandise.

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You might also consider Weston Nursery in Hopkinton.

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Now that we've gotten far afield from Wayland/Sudbury, let me suggest the best of the rest: Blanchette Nursery/Gardens in Carlisle. This is a family run business with impeccably grown perennials from the familiar to the almost unknown. You'll see Leo Blanchette out there snipping and moving (you'll sure never see Mr. Mahoney at Mahoney's!)

Most of his plants are in the 6.95 to 8.95 range because he does not sell gallons with three plants to a pot. But he raises from division and cuttings every plant there.

His selection of shade plants is exceptional. I have a Jack in the Pulpit that has 2 foot leaves; he must have 200 hostas and 30 solomon's seals.

To make the visit worthwhile, about 1 mile away is a family run daylily farm that carries 1,000 varities of daylilies, from 6 to 100 dollars. You walk through the field and choose the ones you want, and the young men dig them up in front of your eyes. There is also a book with colored photograhs of most of the stock, and Mr. Seawright himself knows what blooms early,late and in between.

To make a day of it, you could stop at Dalyla's for lunch (expensive) or Bedford Farms for ice cream (expensive on the calories) and go to New England Nurseries in Concord, where they have a "good" not amazing selection of trees and shrubs.

This itinerary would much more rewarding than putting up with the traffic on Route 20 in Wayland.

Hope you'll pass on what you end up doing.

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