Year End Census

jan_on zone 5bNovember 8, 2013

I'm done for the season - no new purchases, no more planting, no more moving oldies about. So...

My modest collection totals 155, of which 5 are in pots (and a bit apprehensive about winter), and 22 are duplicates.

'fess up. How many?

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Over 300 here,but many are duplicates,and this doesn't count seedlings! Over 200 are named cultivars. Phil

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I am currently at 76 named cultivars, that is over a 600% increase from the start of the season! I also have another dozen or so that I do not names, as of yet, the ones that I had at the start of the season.

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zkathy(7a NC)

Just finished my list. 60 different cultivars, 10 duplicates.

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stoc zone 6 sweden

This is my first year and I am up to 44!

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mountainy man z8 Ireland

I have 40 although a couple are duplicates prior to September I had 6, I hope I have the same number come spring. I have another list to get next year that keeps expanding.

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

226 here with unknown duplicates. One name one file so it is hard to tell how many of the same. 4 years in. All in pot. Paula

Jan look forward to seeing you on the alphabet.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

93 cultivars which includes 11 minis... add to that number some duplicates numbering approx. 30 ....... When I joined this forum this June, I had a respectable 67. . lol lol lol

FYI -----want/wish list is at 27 currently. . .

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Total hosta is about 270ish. Total different cultivars is 211 (multiple divisions of some, and some NOIDs). New ones in 2013 = 103. ( I went a little crazy this year)

Hope to restrain myself in 2014. But it is so much fun. Mine are all but gone for this year, just some wilted, yellow leaves remain. Can't wait to see them next spring and watch them grow.

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>850 different Hosta cultivars and species, no easy way to query database for total number of plants due to lack of foresight in db design on my part...

exact # not possible as I've yet to input this year's vole losses or new aquisitions, but it's over 850 not counting seedlings, of course, heheheh.

At this point we're doing more "re-do" than new, but to a small degree, some of the re-do includes replacing dupes with newbies.


hh (actually stands 4 "Hostaholic'sHusband", not HostaHillbilly ;-)

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I think it was right around 165 different varieties at last count, with a few duplicates ( including 23 'Guacamole' plants) The 'plan' is, do a little plant inventory in early spring to see what didn't make it, and get more! (even if they all happen to make it, unlikely as it may be).

Don B.

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mikgag Z5b NS Canada


All different named cultivars. No duplicates. According to my list, next year will 274


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Ahem.....(cough cough).....I stopped counting around 400. I'm thinking I'll lose more of the minis this winter like I did last winter, so the orders will compensate/console me for their loss.
And I do not include the duplicates in that inexact figure.
I'd say almost half of the names are fragrant hosta, and I have as many as 8 of Mama plantaginea (although there is only ONE original Mama), 4 Royal Standards, 3 Aphrodite, and doubles of a great many other fragrants. We may be getting close to bedtime for these hosta, but they are the among the better lookers hanging in there still looking pretty good.

The picture is Athena. Taken Oct 29. I harvested all my seedpods this last weekend before the seeds disperse.

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squirejohn zone4 VT

117 different cultivars. Of these 47 are duplicates for a total of 162+/-.
In addition I have about 12 common green and yellow seedling used as "fillers",

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sunnywood 5aChazyNY

At my northern NY garden I have 230 different cultivars with about 100 duplicates. In Colorado I 35 different plants. I am already planning to add at least 50 new plants in a new garden extension in NY.

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Hey there, Sunnywood! Welcome to the forum. At both your locations, hosta can prosper nicely.

You have more experience than I with hosta growing, and I'd love to see your mature plants. I know the NY hosta are asleep when you go to Colorado, but so are the Colorado hosta while you are there in the winter. How do you manage that Colorado garden? There are several other folks on here who have seasonal homes and gardens, so it is a topic of interest.

Until last winter, I had a Massachusetts zone 5b garden as well as this one in Alabama zone 9a. If I had not experienced MA, no doubt there would be no hosta in my subtropical near-coastal location. I am now a true believer. :)

Stick around the forum this winter while we cover the Hosta Alphabet from A to Z. We do this every winter. Some lovely pictures, and worthy suggestions for new acquisitions.

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gardens1(5b ON)

My list of hosta show about 114 different varieties. I also have a couple of duplicates, but don't keep track of that. I keep an alphabetical list in a notebook, with entries for expected mature height and width. I also collect hemerocallis (daylilies - over 300), bearded iris (well over 100), and seem to have collective tendencies with peonies, clematis, hydrangea and uncommon trees for my area (and kids, lol, we have 5)!

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Wow, Mocc, 200 fragrant varieties?? HOLY MOLE!!!! (Pun intended).

Thoroughly Impressed,
Don B.

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jan_on zone 5b

Lots of rapidly growing collections represented here.....we're a group of achievers eh?
And gardens 1 - you must have an amazing yard - not just a hosta collection (and a strong back and a sharp shovel ..............and a good camera???? Show us!)

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I have 204 named varieties. My husband tells people that he is cutting me off at 200. Little does he know that I have already passed that mark!

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

I'll accept last place with forty. I guess I could add the 17 tiny Halcyons emerging from their momma's former site to escape the cellar.

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jan_on zone 5b

vpeterson - if your husband is anything like mine, chances of him actually counting my hostas is NIL! If I LIE about the total, he would never know LOL!

harryshoe - you have an enviable spot on the list. Think of the potential! So many more to discover!

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Looks like 73 different named varieties here with 6 or so NOIDs. Also at least a dozen duplicates from divisions. I have in mind to add about 12 new ones next year in a new bed.

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zkathy(7a NC)

I was so happy! No more hostas to plant! I could do something else with my weekend. DH wanted to stop by the farmers market; who knew someone would still have hosta for sale?

I got a gigantic Blue Angel that was so pot bound I spent 30 minutes untangling roots. The leaves were all still green; I think it was overnighting in a greenhouse. Talk about throwing them on the driveway! I put in a new bed, got it in the ground along with a small Regal Splendor and told them they had 48 hours before the temperature would be 25 F, so deal with it. Got two more (Great Expectations and Stained Glass) that are still in pots waiting til next Saturday to plant. I'll bring them in at night during this weeks cold snap. They'll get three days before the next freeze. So that gets my total up to 64. Any advice about late planting is appreciated.

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86 with many duplicates
This summer I gave 24 mature med-large hosta to a friend, and several divisions.
And i am a Heuchera collector.
Its all an addiction.

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MadPlanter1 zone 5

232-ish- I need to make a list instead of trying to count from the garden maps. That's not counting duplicates, NOIDs, and a few that have turned solid green but are still hanging around. Finally made it past the 200 mark this year!

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