Cedar Grove Compost?

hil721October 30, 2012

I've heard really mixed reviews on Cedar Grove compost. Does anyone have any personal experiences with it good or bad? Thanks!

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It depends on the source :-) For whatever reason, product purchased or delivered direct from the facility seems to have better results than does any bagged CG compost. Perhaps it is just that the bagged stuff becomes anaerobic too easily....? Besides, for my purposes, bagged anything is just too expensive.

Most municipal yard waste composting operations put out pretty decent stuff due to the size of their operations and the amount of activity they receive. CG is one of the few that is routinely tested for not only pesticides and pathogens but for consistency and uniformity of product as well. Sure, you get a few bits and bobs of noncompostable materials mixed in but that's our fault as shoddy recyclers - when we all learn to recycle properly, that will no longer be an issue.

As to the material generating weeds, any compost can do that. It is not so much a case of the compost itself containing weed seeds - the commercial composting process is hot enough to negate that problem - it is just that compost is a very fertile seed bed and many/most weed seeds are wind-disbursed. They hit that compost and germination is a given!!

In my business I have used a number of different bulk compost providers and have my favorites but I have never encountered issues with Cedar Grove that were not present in any of the others. If it was most convenient for my purposes, I'd use it again in a heartbeat!

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