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saypoint(6b CT)September 10, 2005

Twice in the past week we've heard a strange cry from an animal. I can only describe it as what it would sound like if a large bird would do a near-perfect imitiation of a lustily crying infant: a rapid WAH-WAH-WAH no raspiness in the voice, very loud and clear, and at first sounding like a baby crying right under our open windows, but with a slight bird-like sound.

The first time was near dawn, my husband heard it as he was getting dressed, but by the time he got downstairs to look out, it was gone. It happened again last night around 1 a.m., and this time the dogs barked and woke me up, so I heard it too. By the time I got downstairs to look out and try to locate it, the sound had moved farther away from the house and eventually drifted off.

It may have been an animal being attacked, I suppose, but my husband says it was the exact same cry he heard a few days ago. We have a fair amount of wildlife here, including coyotes, though I haven't seen them myself, and lots of wetland habitat.

Has anyone heard something like this, and know what it is?



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cjsmith(z6 SE MA)

We've identified a couple animals from sound files found on the net, unfortunately there isnt a single page I can suggest, just by searching google. We have a fox that barks a bunch in the evenings and we'd never heard one before. Also, we thought we had an owl and identified it as a mourning dove that way.


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peregrinekt(z6 Connecticut)

I've had barred owls lately doing a nasal wailing cry before they get into their regular calling (last night in fact.)

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cjsmith(z6 SE MA)

Actually, one of the sounds a fox makes sounds a lot like a crying child. Listen to the audio files on this page and see.


Here is a link that might be useful: Fox Cries

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cjsmith(z6 SE MA)

Another page with a bunch of fox cries

Here is a link that might be useful: More fox sounds

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I think it is mating racoons or a racoon that is looking for a mate.. When I was a child I heard that noise many nights, and really did think a child was crying. It is uncanny and unsettling

I've heard it frequently here in Lexington, and in Arlington where the racoons went at it right outside our window, or at least indicated they were hot to trot.

It doesn't sound anything like an owl to me!

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saypoint(6b CT)

I believe what we heard was the chattering followed by the fox distress call. I wonder what sort of distress would cause this call, as we heard it on two separate nights. I hope someone wasn't being attacked out there.

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JohnMur(z6 MA)

Could it be a Fisher or it's more common name Fishercat?

They was just an article recently about them in the Boston Globe saying that they have had a huge comeback in New England.

Also, cats are there prime prey.

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jackied164(z6 MA)

its all in the brush below so I can never see but I think raccoons mating it more of an animal screaming sound, foxes fighting with other animals sometimes sounds like babies screaming. Had a fox vs unkonwn animal fight the other night. The unknown was almost snorting. I have a groundhog and I am hoping he has become a meal for the foxes.

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Maxpower(5 MA.)

i heard regular run of the mill house cats that sound like babies crying.

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plowrance(z6 MA)

The sound you're hearing is probably raccoons, as I was lying in bed one night I thought a strange and exotic bird was was being murdered by one of my darling cats, by the awful sound coming from the yard, out I went with flashlight in hand and sure enough, there were the 3 little bandits with their mother who was clearly very angry with them. Her scolding was probably the most unsettling sound I have ever heard but I was glad to find all alive!

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