Woodchuck vanished - hibernating?

carol6ma_7ari(zones 6 & 7a)September 9, 2013

The big overfed (or pregnant, who knows?) woodchuck/hedgehog (depending on where you learned its name) seen daily munching away on the grass about 150 ft. downhill from my fenced veg. garden, is no longer seen, as of Labor Day weekend.

I'm either happy or nervous: has it died during the last very heavy rainstorm? or is it sensing the cold weather, and has gone to sleep until next spring? Or is it tunneling toward my garden right now?

Does anyone know about the autumn habits of woodchucks?


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Not hibernating yet (too early), and not drowned (tunnelers dig so that they don't drown in heavy rain.). Also not pregnant since young are born in the spring, but it is putting on fat so it can hibernate.

Perhaps it wants a better winter den site or perhaps it found a preferred food souce high in calories, or perhaps it was killed by a car or predator. You would know if it were eating your garden as they are not neat eaters, shredding plants as they go. Personally, I would be celebrating if a woodchuck disappeared from my locale!

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