Lc. Susan Holguin

aerides(z6 Manhattan)April 17, 2008

After sleeping half the fall and all winter, I guess she finally got her beauty rest. HID light only. The window is just for natural light for the pics. A second growth is also in early bud.

After keeping well all winter both sheaths developed dark rings at the base. I didn't remember seeing that before so I peeled them back expecting to see rotted buds. Nope. But I had to tie up the spike.

Fragrance sort've like spicey bubblegum.

John :>)

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Glad your sleeping beauty has awakened. She certainly has a kissable lip and the fragrance sounds yummy. She's a keeper, John! Gorgeous!


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triciami5(z5 MI)

I bought that too at a nursery and it didnt look that great ,but kept babying it along. Wasnt even sure what it looked like, but after seeing yours, feel it is worth sticking with. Your pictures are gorgeous and love the colors, thank-you for giving me the hope to keep going with it. Tricia

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aerides(z6 Manhattan)

Thanks for the sweet words. I forgot to include the clonal name, "Ramona".

Speaking of color, the yellow in the lip is brighter than the pics show - I tried several settings and a couple of light setups, but it never did really come through.


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olyagrove(z9 Tampa, FL)

Gorgeous flower!! And all the roots all over the place - plants looks so happy

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Charm(Z8 TX)

It looks very happy!Gorgeous blooms.~Charm

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carolinn_on(z3 Northern Ontario)

Beautiful bloom with a lovely name!


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Wow, John beautiful. I had this plant and it rotted on me over the summer. Never got a flower on it and had it for a few years. Growths would rot on it. Had something I couldn't cure. Always wondered how it would look...what a beauty!

Great photos,


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