rosemg(5)November 18, 2013

I have read that hostas should be divided in the springtime and I have also read that they should be divided in autumn. Which is correct or which is the best time? Thanks for your help.

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mikgag Z5b NS Canada

I usually do mine in the spring if possible only because that's when I'm the most motivated...otherwise, I do it whenever I feel like it. None of the hostas I've ever divided seemed to care when I did it.....

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

the correct answer is... wait for it.. YES!!!!

lol ...

divide BEFORE they leaf out.. so they look pretty all summer..

or when they get ugly in late summer..

or in fall ... as long as they are big enough so they wont heave if such is an issue in your z5...

or whenever your little heart desires...

and while you are digging them up.. throw one on the driveway ... you can barely kill the things...

so do it whenever ...


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Babka NorCal 9b

They don't NEED to be divided like other perennials. We divide them to make more plants, or if they outgrow a container or space. They grow best when you let them mature in place over several years. I am so un-motivated in Fall, so I do dividing in Spring just as the pips emerge.


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bragu_DSM 5

I sharpen my spade in the spring. And when the eyes are just poking out of the ground and have yet to unfurl, I stab them between the eyes with a sharp thrust to the ground. Then I slowly withdraw the spade. Usually, all you can see is the spot where the spade went in. That way, IF I have to divide them later in the year ... say someone comes by and drools, it's easier to dig up a piece ...

I like spring time, they are so vulnerable then. But, as Ken sez, whenever... It's like french fries, salt them after you take them out of the oil. It's harder to do when they are cool and have the salt stick... but I digress.

Also, as Ken sez. You can put the fries on the driveway, it won't hurt 'em.

Dave *a fan of the drive fries*

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zkathy(7a NC)

I just dream of having a hosta so big it needs dividing!

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