Wok Star

Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)November 28, 2012

I'll put the link below to the seeds for this hosta available in the Hosta Seed Growers auction.

What a glow this has about it, judging from the picture. Is this hosta available for purchase anywhere? I bid on the seed xOP one time, but now think someone with more experience should wind up with the chance to bring them to maturity.

Take a look at the picture, and tell me what YOU think.....it is indeed a real WOK STAR. Great name!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hosta Seed Growers Auction offering

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b


I'm pretty sure it's not on the market. You can email Cheryl Cravino at Hosta Amour and ask her. She might sell you a piece.


Here is a link that might be useful: Hosta Amour

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you contact either the seller of the seed.. who obviously has the plant..

or you trace the registration papers.. and find out who reg'd it..

and then you probably.. in the olden days.. fork over $250 to $500 for a piece of it .. mostly because life as you know it will end if you dont own it ...

but also find out.. if it has been sold to TC.. and will be available in 2 or 3 years for $20 ... lol

when i first joined GW.. half of my posts were akin to this one ... and my common reply was: NO SHOPPING IN THE HOSTA LIBRARY.. ... which i will now expand to: NO SHOPPING IN THE SEED FORUM ...

let me put it this way.. if the plant were commonly available.. who would pay much of anything for seed from it .. eh?? .. thats kinda the bottom line of the value of those seeds ... to spread that plants gene pool to us common folk ....


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Babka NorCal 9b

Yup! What Ken said.


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Would you believe it.....I won the seed auction for this!!!
So now I'm ready to go into the hosta growing mode for this winter.

I also got two more auctions, one being an Empress Wu cross with a big old rough blue hosta, and then a Dorothy Benedict OS with a 2nd DB, for which I did not have to pay $200, so I am really pleased at that savings. I figure I am enough ahead on that one deal that I can end the year with my tarnished halo proudly in place. :)

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Cher(6 SW OH)

Congrats moc. Photos this Winter as you are growing them would be a welcome sight.

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bernd ny zone5

Moccasin, congratulations to getting those seeds!

You will be happy with the DB seedlings, I grew some last winter, and can't wait to see them this May coming up again to find out more about the real plants. Right now I have some 100 streaker seeds germinating with some sprouts getting green under light. I also looked for that 'Old Roughhouse' x 'Empress Wu' cross, but at that late time my computer was used for other things.

I won 'Old Roughhouse'x'Iroquois' cross seeds and am really excited to see those blue seedlings, and lateron the very high corrugation. I set my price in the afternoon and nobody overbid me surprisingly. The other one I won was H.'Gone Fishing'x op seeds, should also be highly corrugated with nice markings, had to overbid right to the cutoff time.
I wrote Reldon that the Email link to how to look up and pay did not work, otherwise with check to his address.
Have some nice winter gardening!

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Reldon Ramsey ran a great auction and the bidding was fast and furious on some items. Some of the seeds that Don Dean donated went for as much as $70 for a packet of seeds! Believe me, I was not in that bidding. If you get two people who really want something, the bidding can really get high. It's really the genetics that people are paying for.

As for me I was successful in 3 auctions. I got seeds from [Living Large (an Outrageous seedling) x Sea Blue Monster] x OP; seeds from Foxfire Chinese Dragon (a streaked Komodo Dragon); and seeds from Red Neck Heaven. That should give me plenty to grow this winter.

Here's Living Large in the Goodenough garden.


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Well, I was a big looser. I bid on three items but I could not stick around Saturday to outbid my competitors.

I bid on Stegeman 4, it had some very good genes for upright, wavy and red. The family tree included 'Mister Red Genes', 'High Noon', H.montana macrophylla, and �Manhattan.� That one was to die for, the winner bought them for $30. I also bid on seeds from a DB seedling - nice subtle coloring that I liked - and Redneck Heaven seeds because I liked the long leaves, size and the price per seed. The seeds from the latter were very affordable, but alas I had to go to the NCAA tournament (Volleyball 2nd round)

I notice that Jim's sells seeds. What other places are there to buy seeds. My DH said "don't put it off, it will take a long time to get them going". I think he is right. Plus, if I'm going to do this, I want to have some interesting seeds.

Off Topic: My Gophers won - on to regionals.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b


May I suggest Hostaworks.com. The prices there are much better than Jims. You can get streaked pod parents as well as solid color ones in those seeds. But you should hurry as Hosta Works has several items sold out already. Also continue to check the Hosta Library Auction site. Sometimes seeds show up there as well.


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Thanks Steve, I will look into those. And I forgot to congratulate the rest of you on your wins. (I was being a bit of a sore looser. Sorry about that.) You all picked some nice seeds, good work. I look forward to hearing about your seedlings this winter.


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Bernd, also sent Reldon (I called him Renaldo and he did not object) an email about the link not working. He said that he was only one working on the final pay stuff, and that it would go live once he verified all the winners and the totals. He also said that PayPal was an approved method to use for payment, and not to send nuttin until he gave us the final total.

Bev, HostaAmour.com has seeds for sale. And, I think also LOTG will have seeds. HostaAmour is open pollenated. I read their website about the way they plant streakers strategically around the nursery, and it results in a higher percentage of streaked seedlings for a lot of nice seedlings. I was not really after streakers, I like the very subtle color change of the WokStar plant in the auction photo, which to me is different from the hosta which have defined margins and definite lines in them. It is sort of AIRBRUSHED.

Now, I have long (meaning all this year since I became addicted to hosta) been curious about the appeal of Dorothy Benedict to so many hostaholics. So if I can grow her, I think I can judge for myself what shall happen to my garden with her in its midst.

I think that I may have to give up on growing my own seed, however, since I read the article at AHS about temperature having much to do with the rate of pollenation and viable seed. Which means to me that I shall have to find seed to buy rather than depend on the pods from my own hosta. I collected a lot of seed from Royal Standard (it came to me in 2011) which may be my best shot at home grown hosta. This winter should tell.

Cher, thanks for the note about keeping the photo record of WokStar seedling growth through this winter. I'll do my best. My DH has much experience doing seeds in the winter under lights, so I'll call on his help with this program.

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bernd ny zone5

Land of the Giants Hosta Farm sold seeds last winter via another website, but the owner said in summer that this year it would be via his main LOTG site, though that part is not up yet. People could call. I used seeds from LOTG last winter and had a very high germination rate, around 90%.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b
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