"We've had enough Bushes".....

maddieleeApril 25, 2013

I always liked Barbara Bush. I like her more this morning.

When Matt Lauer asked her if Jeb should run for President, she answered No.

She did say he was the most qualified, but "we have had enough Bushes".

I agree.


Here is a link that might be useful: B. Bush

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I'll 2nd that...

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes(5)

She wasn't implying what the two of you are implying.

It's disrespectful and hateful to judge Jeb Bush based on your dislike or hatred of George.

Now spin your way out of that. :)

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So what was she implying brush? I've watched it and I can see she might have been saying the Bushes didn't want to come across as controlling or elitest? As one of the very few families who have been in office. But that it was good, bad, or otherwise, I can't really tell. Maybe it is what she meant, we've had enough. Not that I am agreeing... I just can't tell. Very good stone face on her part. She may have meant it.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes(5)


My answer would be just like yours, a poor assumption, a wild guess.

Write Barbara a note and ask.

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Does living in Florida give me 'the right' to judge Jeb?


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Oh yah touched a non partisan nerve there Maddielee!
Good Going!

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I thought she sounded like a very sharp minded lady. Like she said, Jeb would inherit all their enemies and half their friends. She did say he was well qualified, so it was not a personal put-down.
I agree with her that the Bush name would poison his chances.

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I saw W last night on Nightline. OMG, he has not changed. Still mumbling in cliches and Laura was just smiling and gritting her teeth. Poor lady. She's always worrying what this lunk will say next. He paints now and did one of himself in the shower(???). In 4th grade my grandson was more talented. But at least he's not killing any more of our soldiers.

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rosie(Deep South, USA 7A/B)


Barbara Bush has always been a redoubtable person. She hasn't always spoken wisely, as when she had to be shut up after calling Hillary Clinton a "rhymes with witch" in front of a bank of cameras, but this statement wouldn't hurt Jeb's chances. If anything it might help with those who would consider supporting him. How humble. :)

She is hardly a simple or humble person, though, never has been, and certainly not living most of her life as a member of the Bush family. People in that sphere simply do not need the "burden" and "sacrifice" of public service, especially the bother and inconvenient scrutiny of the presidency, to gain power and position. They already have a very great deal.

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If Jeb does run then we'll see a lot more of that quote in the future.

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I've not cared for her much in the past, as her patrician sort of manner just isn't to my more populist tastes, but I have always given Barbara Bush a lot of credit for being a loyal wife and mother in the public eye. It can't be easy to love so many people who open their lives to constant criticism and condemnation.

But that's why I am interested in the tone of the comments. I don't have TV service at the moment ... but what is the general opinion of what she meant when she said Jeb was the "most qualified?"

Most qualified of her children? Most qualified of all the Bushes? Most qualified of some set of Republican potentials for 2016? Of a slew of general candidates?

Just curious what those who saw it believe she meant.

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Yup, but at least Jeb seems to be smarter than the alternatives in the Republican Party.

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When I heard his voice my skin crawled and my hair stood on end.

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

I miss Millie and Ranger...

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TxanGoddess , The rest of her comment about a lot of great families and not just four or whatever, I took to be a shot directed at Hilary.

And I liked her "best qualified man" and not "person".

âÂÂHeâÂÂs by far the best-qualified man, but no. I really donâÂÂt,â Mrs. Bush told Matt Lauer when asked if she wanted to see Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, make a White House bid. âÂÂI think itâÂÂs a great country, there are a lot of great families, and itâÂÂs not just four families or whatever. There are other people out there that are very qualified, and weâÂÂve had enough Bushes.âÂÂ


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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Despite her use of "we've" I suspect it's really her saying that she's had enough of her family sitting in the Oval Office and the toll she thinks it has taken. Might be significant that she made this statement post double Dubyuh, as he didn't really seem to have the right personality for it - came across as an affable stooge fulfilling the demands of a dynasty (while speechifying at the recent dedication of his library he choked up at the end, when saying he thought the country was on its way to yet greater greatness; you would expect an addict to be overtly emotional - that's why they're addicts, they are short on coping skills).

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I see years of Hope and Change hasn't lessened the vitriol.

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Nope, our memories are very long and vivid. Just seeing W briefly gives me the willys.

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Demi, the country continues to suffer the consequences. Of course the vitriol continues.

Perhaps when the problems caused by Bush/Cheney are no longer felt by so many, it will soften. But I doubt it, too many dead are at their feet. Maybe the country SHOULDN'T forget. I don't know. I do know that as far as that pair goes, conservatives who voted for them have expected a forgive and forget attitude for the consequences that conservatives won't even own.
Maybe this reaction has to be expected when ownership of accountability is refused.

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I see years of Hope and Change hasn't lessened the vitriol.

Obama has nothing to do with this.

No matter how many years or presidents come and go many people are living with the consequences of BushâÂÂs actions and will for the rest of their lives. He will continue to be vilified for many years to come. Rightfully so.

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DALLAS: After taking an âÂÂeye-openingâ tour of the newly dedicated George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas Thursday, President Barack Obama reportedly ordered the United States military to reinvade Iraq.

The president told reporters that the museumâÂÂs numerous displays provided illuminating information concerning the ongoing threat posed by Iraq and the necessity of re-deploying combat troops in order to bring stability and lasting democracy to the troubled country.

âÂÂI have no doubt in my mind, after spending some time in Mr. BushâÂÂs library and museum, that the United States simply must intervene in Iraq in order to temper volatility in the Middle Eastern region as a whole,â Obama said, noting that bombers and approximately 250,000 ground troops were currently en route to the Middle Eastern nation. âÂÂThe way I now see it, we have a responsibility as Americans to create that kind of change and to lead the world by example.âÂÂ

âÂÂThough it will not be easy, our work in Iraq will ensure a better life for the Iraqis,â Obama continued. âÂÂAnd they will, I am confident, greet us as liberators.âÂÂ

Pointing to the array of informational displays and exhibits housed in the former presidentâÂÂs 226,000-square-foot educational facility, Obama said he was âÂÂabsolutely convincedâ that al-Qaeda has established a major foothold in Iraq and that the people of Iraq deserved to live in a society that is âÂÂfree of fear and free of want.âÂÂ

âÂÂLet me go a step further and say that if we do not act now to enact a regime change in Iraq, the consequences will be dire,â Obama said, adding that, as evidenced by documents he read in the Bush museum, Iraq was likely the axis upon which the entire Middle Eastern region turns. âÂÂIt is a hotbed for terrorism, and, as demonstrated by the Bush archives, invading Iraq will allow us to put a stop to those religious extremists who actively seek to harm the U.S. and hold America hostage.âÂÂ

âÂÂThey hate our freedoms,â Obama continued.

Obama added that though engaging Iraq might result in a protracted conflict, he was confident upon further researching the libraryâÂÂs materials that the United Nations and the international community would come together to support such a necessary, morally justifiable endeavor.

âÂÂWorking together with our numerous allies, we can and will be an agent of change,â the president said, thanking his predecessor for making a âÂÂtruly convincing caseâ for military intervention in Iraq. âÂÂThrough our noble efforts, we will transform Iraq into a bastion of democracy and cause peace to spread throughout the region, ensuring stability and prosperity in the Middle East for generations to come.âÂÂ

âÂÂI stand by this decision because I know it is the right thing to do,âÂÂ...

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Yes, David, and Mars is invading. Sorry, no link.

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How on Earth did Presidents Carter, Clinton and Obama say the nice things they said?? I didn't expect any nasty words, but they were positively fawning. Perhaps they reminded themselves that he was pretty much in the dark most of the time. it was hard for me to listen to the pieces of speeches by these presidents.

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The Bush Library of Historical Revisionism.
Why should tax payers pay to maintain any of these Pres. libraries or "Presidential mausoleums" as Bill Maher called them?
There is something wrong with the concept of building a monument to ones own legacy.
Shouldn't that be a task for others after one has passed?

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You'll notice the things said by Carter (who got a dig in about the 2000 Supreme Court decided Bush win. Carter said that two months later, he was among the few Democrats to show up for Bush's first inauguration), Clinton, and Obama were pretty non-committal and could have been said about anyone. As for Bush 41 - well, he is the guy's Dad.

That really wasn't the occasion to take the podium and pound Bush into the ground about Iraq or question why the "Mission Accomplished" banner isn't on display in the library...Plenty of time for that between now and when the historians start writing this history.

edited to add: Iraq is Bush 43's legacy; he'll never escape it.

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