Cymbidium Spring Day Blooming

shirley-z-8-txApril 11, 2009

I bought this cymbidium about three years ago in full bloom. I didn't know until later that they are hard to bring to bloom in my area. This year I left it outside all winter and covered it during freezing weather that one time got into the teens. It is now blooming and I feel if I had fertilized it properly there would be more blossoms but I am still happy over these.

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Hi Shirley,

That's a beautiful flower!

While my conditions are certainly nothing like those in Texas, so I probably shouldn't be giving out cultural advice, I wonder (judging by the color of the leaves) whether the plant can take more light. I stuck my Cymbidium in a full southern exposure last summer (in MA :)) and got 6 spikes this year, as opposed to 0 the previous year in a shadier area. From what I've understand, cyms bloom best when their leaves are very light green, bordering on yellow. Just my 2c.

Hope she puts on quite of a show for you next year.

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Thanks Jem. I think you're right. It only gets morning sun on my patio. shirley

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Charm(Z8 TX)

Cymbs are heavy feeders, so do give it's a beauty!~Charm

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