Watch out for Yellow Jacket Nests in the Ground (Long)

houstworksSeptember 4, 2009

I don't know if this is a seasonal thing that we now have 2 nests - holes in the ground or not.

My neighbor comes by my yard everyday for her dog to visit my dog.

During July she noticed a nest in the ground near our Plum tree.

So we marked it and stayed clear of that area.

Well, 2 days ago she got stung and they stung her repeatedly.

She had them all over her head and even though wearing sweat pants they were underneath her clothes too.

I treated her right after it happened (called the doctor- gave benadryl etc...)

Luckily she wasn't allergic as some people are.

She is still itching 2 days later!

She missed a day of work the following day.

She also fell down while running away from them and has a very swollen knee.

Her dog had stings all over him and so did my dog.

I found a few bees in my house dead on the floor even though right after it happened she went in to HER house.

I have to go to the hospital when I get stung so I will be more careful now.

I haven't had my throat swell up but I do get very swollen.

If it were that many stings I'm not sure if I would have survived it.

I may keep an epipen with me while gardening and mowing the yard.

I felt horrible for her!

We found another nest in the yard too. I wonder if the bees make their nests very quickly?

Just wanted everyone to be careful so they don't have to go through this.

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spedigrees z4VT

Scarey stuff! I hope both poor dogs and your neighbor too have recovered. My husband is deadly allergic, so exterminator duties fall to me, despite my unreasoning terror of these evil critters. I deal with them by proactively spraying any and all nests regularly from spring to fall, before they gain large populations. Underground nests are tricky though, they often escape notice.

If you can erradicate the colonies you have, it will prevent late hatching queens from finding nooks to hibernate over winter and start new colonies next year. Kill before they multiply is my motto!

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My husband deals with all the bees here by spraying any nests we spot. He sprays in the evening, when all the bees have come back from their daily missions. It's practically the only time we use noxious chemicals.

The fact that stings are life-threatening to so many people seems to warrant bringing out the big guns to kill them. Also, since the chemicals stay in the nest and aren't spread around, seems to me to make them less of a threat to birds, beneficial insects, and other wildlife.

I can't imagine leaving nests in the ground, especially since you have a dog and MOST especially since you're allergic to the stings.

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molie(z6 CT)

Have you also checked out the Integrated Pest Management Forum? You'll find all kinds of advice there... from organic to chemical controls if you do a search. We've had problems with yellow jackets & they're nothing to fool around with... sneaky creatures up to no good as far as I'm concerned!


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My poor son, who's 14, was mowing the lawn at the edge of our property when he suddenly got stung. He ran into the house to tell me and don't you know, two yellow jackets followed him into the house. They were buzzing and flying as if in angry mode, and I finally killed them when they landed on the back door. There was a nest in the ground, we never noticed because it's at the edge of the property where we don't go often. The poor kid didn't want to go back out there to finish the job!

Here is a link that might be useful: Finding my way

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