3 more Mouses coming next year

diggindutchman(6NJ)November 20, 2012

Just saw some new Mouses from Q&Z Nursery for 2013, "Giantland Sunny Mouse Ears" (gold) and "Ruffled Mouse Ears, Also from Walters Gardens is "Church Mouse" How many more are there going to be!!!! They seem to multiply faster than Voles.


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donrawson(Z 5)

Here's my current list of Mouse Ear Hostas.


This list includes sports of H. Blue Mouse Ears, and sports of sports.(1)

Blue Mouse Ears (E. & J. Deckert 2000)
Blue Mouse Ears Supreme (W. Silvers 2007)
Calico Mouse Ears (M. Zilis NR)
Cat and Mouse (H. Hansen 2007)
Church Mouse (Walters Gardens NR)
Crazy Mouse Ears (J. Schwarz NR)
Dancing Mouse (M. Fransen NR)
Desert Mouse (J. van den Top NR)
Forest Mouse (J. van den Top NR)
Frosted Mouse Ears (M. Zilis, E. & J. Deckert 2006)
Funny Mouse (M. Fransen NR)
Green Mouse Ears (E. & J. Deckert 2004)
Happy Mouse (J. van den Top NR)
Holy Mouse Ears (M. Zilis, E. & J. Deckert 2006)
Itty Bitty (M. Zilis 2010)
Jumbo Mouse Ears (H. Philips 2011)
Lucky Mouse (J. van den Top NR)
Mighty Moe (W. Silvers 2009)
Mighty Mouse (Walters Gardens 2006)
Mouse Tracks (Walters Gardens & A. Bergeron 2009)
Mouse Trap (Shady Oaks Nursery NR)
Mrs. Mouse Ears (M. Testart NR)
Mystic Mouse (D. Van Eechaute NR)
One Iota (J. Anderson NR)
One Iota Supreme (J. Schwarz NR)
Pure Heart (Walters Gardens & J. Westendorp 2009)
Royal Mouse Ears (E. & J. Deckert 2004)
Ruffled Mouse Ears (C. Wilson NR)
Snow Mouse (M. Fransen NR)

These "mice" could all be planted in view of H. Cat's Eye.

Dutch breeder/propagator Jan van den Top is of the opinion that Mighty Mouse is identical to Lucky Mouse, and Pure Heart is identical to Desert Mouse. See http://www.vandentop.nl/Mouse-Ears-groep.html.

(1) List includes sports of H. Blue Mouse Ears, and sports of sports. Some mouse hostas are not on the list, however, because they are not part of the Blue Mouse Ears family tree:

Blue Mice is a NR plant from Europe with a Sieboldiana background.

Country Mouse is similar in appearance to the other "mice hostas", but actually is a sport of Bill Dress's Blue.

Giantland Mouse Cheese and Giantland Sunny Mouse Ears are J. Miller & T. Meyer seedlings of Blue Mouse Ears.

Mini Mouse is a R. Goodwin seedling of unknown parentage.

Minnie Mouse (= Missie Mouse) is a K. Squires seedling of unknown parentage.

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jan_on zone 5b

Lots of potential here for mice collections. There is a great photo in the most recent AHS journal of 15 mice all in one picture - makes it easy to see the differences.

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bernd ny zone5

Jan, 'makes it easy to see the difference'. But I have the habit to step on small plants and markers...

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

I have only Blue Mouse Ears,and Frosted Mouse Ears,and really don't plan on any more. They get lost in my "land of the giants"! Right now my BME and FME are planted under a tree hosta named Lakeside Ripples! Nuff said! Phil

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Hi Don,

You can scratch my name from your list and change it to Zilis 2011. He registered the name Ruffled Mouse Ears, which is okay with me because I had only tentatively named that one, and I decided not to introduce it anyway because I didn't like it so much after it grew up. Funny thing is, that plant appears to be identical to Church Mouse and Dancing Mouse and is probably the same sport that Zilis registered, based on the size, so I think those 3 plants could all end up about the same if they all get the same size. Heck, I still might divide up the clump I have though, because it is interesting, but I had decided it wasn't worth pursuing myself.

I did send in the registration for a different BME sport this year though, but that's another story ;)


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donrawson(Z 5)

Thank you, Chris. I've made that revision. And yes, I do remember that you have a wonderful new Mouse coming soon!

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diggindutchman =


We, HostaBevie and me, have a plant in our garden having your name on it's label.

It's winter, and we're snow-covered now, but I distinctly remember it and my wife Bevie said it came from you, probably a few or at least one decade ago.

As I recall, it had something about 'Dutchman' in the name as well.

Does that ring a bell, please?

I'm an awful specifics retentive lunatic, and despise anything in our gardens that has questions about who, what, when, where, why and all that jazz, and am thinking and hoping that seeing your name here will help me do a better documentation of the plant that seems to be attached to you.

I'm the same way with the Nash plants she has here, so I hope you can and will 'work with me' to help us keep HostaHistory alive.

Ummm, I'm thinking the plant label is something along the lines of 'DigginJohnDutchman' . . .

Just a hostaholic's hubby trying to git the Hosta Hills database updated and worthwhile, and a history buff.


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Love to know the history of hostadom, HH. A worthy objective.

I thought I'd escaped the mouse craze, but checking that list above, I realize that I have three of them:
Pure Heart
Itty Bitty
Snow Mouse

The only one I realized was a Mouse when I got it, was Snow Mouse. It is a cute little thing. Next year, I might put them all three in one pot. Three blind mice.

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HH. Wow!! that was some time ago!! Bevie was the one from the Hosta Forum that suggested naming my introduction in a contest. With "Dutch" somewhere in the name. The name I choose was "Double Dutch". I never regestered "Double Dutch" it was a sport from Hyacythina. There also is mention in Mark Zilis Hostapedia. Also there is a picture of a young "Double Dutch" in the Hosta Library. Glad I could help you with your data .

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Sir John,

Your post is my favorite Christmas present this year, thank you! I showed the post to Bevie and she's very happy and thankful too.

It doesn't surprise me that the plant's name is related to a contest, as she's big into that. Hosta 'Lakeside Hoola Hoop' is another one that is named because of her involvement in such contests.

So now I can update our labels and database with the name Hosta 'Double Dutch' and even more enjoy the history, thanks so much again.

Happy Trails,


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