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cyn427(z7aN. VA)November 6, 2009

Last summer, I bought several hosta on the auction site from Rob. The plants arrived healthy and with really nice roots. I recived the following from him in case anyone else is interested. I am considering joining since there is nothing to lose. I did think it was interesting that the $25/year can accrue over several years and be used for more expensive purchases if so desired. Thoughts, anyone?

Sorry this is long, but thought I should forward the entire email:

Hi, I am Rob Canning . I purchased Lakeside Acres from Mary Chastain last year and moved the business and yes all the plants to Michigan. I will be continuing on the business

as Lakeside Acres and will continue to hybridize with Marys breeding stock and introduce the many finished plants Mary grew. I have been asked by many people so " What Now".

The first thing that I wanted to do was find a new way to get the best plants ( Not only Lakesides) to the people that love them the most. Unfortunately the best plants are usually

the most expensive. Mary offered Originator Stock ( OS) plants and due to the natural limitations of propagating plants by division her plants can remain scarce and pricey for many

years after introduction. Most will wait until a tissue culture producer gets it and produces it for a cheaper price. Unfortunately this gives little reward to the hybridizer. Everyone

should have great respect for all of the hybridizers that through their countless hours and years of dedication have allowed all of us to add amazingly beautiful plants to our gardens.

Talking to Mary about her experience with the business side of growing and selling hostas was very eye opening to me. I wish that her incredible creative talents could have been solely

dedicated to hybridizing instead of having to deal with big growers getting her plants and mass producing them and undercutting her sales. But the fact is we all buy TC plants produced

by the big growers and are happy to get them at an affordable price. The work that the big growers do has exponentially grown the market for hosta. I only wish that a longer evaluation

was given to a lot of the TC sports and plants created by chemical means ( Tetraploids, etc.) I think it is interesting that most of the patented hosta were not grown from seed. To put a

patent on a hosta costs a lot of money and takes even more money to enforce it. I decided not to fight the system but work with it. I will continue to offer both new and past registrations in

OS. I will also be offering all of the new plants from TC to make them affordable. To get them to the people that love them the most I am creating Club Lakeside.

As a member of Club Lakeside you will get the first opportunity to purchase plants that have never been offered before and get greatly reduced prices on prior registrations that have been too

expensive for most. Great care and evaluation will be taken to see that all TC plants are true to name. The first plant to be offered will be L. Paisley Print. While not a new introduction it is

a plant that has been scarce and unaffordable to most. The OS plant sells for $150.00 and the TC plant will sell for $35.00 to Club members only during its initial offering in spring 2010.

L. Paisley Print is the first Lakeside to be patented . ( Walters Gardens for Mary Chastain). The first new introduction will be LS. Foot Prints ( Picture on the Hosta Library) and will start

becoming available spring of 2011. I will distribute them on a first join- first ship basis until all Club orders are filled. Club members will also get discounts on all of the non-Lakeside plants

we sell also. I will also be asking the Club to " Name new Plants" and make special offers and listen to find out what plants you want in the future.

To join there is an annual fee of $25.00 that can be fully applied towards any purchase from Lakeside Acres. Join early membership is limited. By joining early you will help me get more plants

into production at greater quantities and ready for you to purchase. Greater quantities will mean lower prices for everyone. The deadline for joining will be April 1, 2010 to be eligible to get

LS. Paisley Print. The membership fee can be accrued from year to year so you will never lose your money. An email account is required as we are a "Green" company trying to go paperless.

I will send email updates with prices and availability. To join please send a check or money order payable to "Lakeside Acres " at 1381 Edgewater Dr. Fenton, MI. 48430 .

If Paypal is preferred send payment to Please include or send an email to with your email address. I will send you a

confirmation with your club membership number. If you have any questions please contact me at Please put "Club Lakeside" in the subject box.

Thanks, Rob Canning

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donrawson(Z 5)

What do you have to lose? This sounds like the best way to get some of the newest Lakeside plants. I know Rob personally and he's a reputable I'd say go for it.

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

That was what I thought, too. After all, with my history, $25 will be SO very easy to spend and Rob has always been wonderful to deal with when I've bought from him. Thanks, Don!

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Rob also said we could forward this to friends, so consider yourselves invited to join the club, too!

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I got this email and immediately signed up!! Like everyone said what do you have to lose!

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dhaven(z5 IA)

I've purchased a number of hostas from Rob, and have been emailing back and forth with him for a couple of months. I've found him to be a very nice, easy to deal with person who cares very much about his hostas. The hostas I ordered were all very generous, healthy divisions with incredible roots. I bought a number of Lakeside originator stock miniature varieties, and the pieces he sent were so generous that I was able to divide all but one variety into several nice pieces. Lakeside Scamp got split into 5 pieces, several of them doubles, and Lakeside Neat Petite is now 7 pieces, again with mostly doubles and one triple. Other varieties were also quite generous, and I was delighted to add several very rarely seen Lakeside varieties to my mini collection.

I've joined his club, and find the concept to be novel and appealing. He is going to get many more of the Lakeside varieties out to the general public, and at reasonable prices, but will also still have originator stock available for those who prefer to purchase it. He is also continuing Mary Chastain's breeding program, so there will be more Lakesides in the future, which is good news. He moved every single hosta Mary had up to Michigan, which must have been an incredible job. All in all, he seems to be very serious about this, plans to take good care of the Lakeside name and plants, and will, in my opinion, be a major asset to the hosta community. He also plans to donate a complete collection of the Lakeside hostas to a botanical garden so all of Mary's varieties will be viewable in one place, and preserved as a complete set. I'd like to see that done for many more hybridizers in the future, as I believe this will be the first garden of this type.

If you like the Lakeside hostas, I highly recommend joining the club. It's going to be very interesting seeing what Rob does over the next few years.

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jbranch(7B Alabama)

What is the web address to join?

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donrawson(Z 5)

Rob doesn't have a website yet. You'll have to send a payment to his mailing address. Or email him to see if you can pay thru Paypal.

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

jbranch, info don referenced (email and address) is in the letter I posted above.

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