Question re identitiy of tree

texasoiler2(Z6b)April 5, 2013

Righr now there are several trees with white blooms in the fields and wooded areas of Stillwater. Does anyone know what these trees are? Not Bradford pears, these are open tops, large and in non-cultivated areas. Thanks in advance

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Perhaps not Bradford pears, but maybe some type of crossed ornamental pear. Dawn linked a site about seedling pears going wild in my post about ornamental pears. I don't know of any native tree that blooms right now that looks like what I've been seeing the last couple years.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

could they be White Dogwood?


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Do y'all have white-flowering dogwood up there? We don't have it here in our county because we have alkaline soil. We do have the native rough-leaf dogwood, but they are small and kinda shrubby and don't look any thing like a dogwood. If these trees are in open fields where nothing shades them for part of the day, I'd be surprised if they were white-flowering dogwoods just because I don't think they'd like the summer heat and droughts in full sun. If they are in woodlands where they get partial shade, they definitely could be dogwoods.

The tree that already has bloomed here in southern OK that might look like dogwood from a distance is Mexican plum, which is more of a big tree kind of plum, as opposed to the smaller native plums like Chickasaw, sand or hog plum.

Most of our spring bloomers have finished up already, except the redbuds still are in bloom, though fading fast.

I agree with Dorothy's idea that it might be the crossed ornamental plums we were discussing in another thread yesterday, but if you're in an area with acidic soil, I think Mike's idea that it could be a white-flowering dogwood could be correct as well.

We have native Mexican plum trees in our woodland that are 30' tall (these are very old trees) and look more like a normal deciduous tree than a fruit tree so that could be a possibility too. You'd have to get a close-up look at the leaves, bark and flowers to know for sure what you're seeing, I think.

I'll link a photo of a Mexican plum so you can compare its shape to the shape of the trees you're seeing.


Here is a link that might be useful: Photo of Mexican Plum

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Lisa_H OK(7)

Any chance you could snap a pic and post it?

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Big flowered dogwoods aren't blooming here yet. The redbuds are just starting to show color and dogwoods follow them, overlapping just a bit in most years.

Dawn, I know you meant pears that we discussed in another thread.

I do hope you can post a closeup pic.

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The wild plums have started showing color here. I noticed the old one at the edge of our woods this morn early and several more as we drove to Tahlequah today. Maybe that's what you are seeing as plums have more open tops than pears usually. And things come out a few days earlier there than here.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Dorothy, You're right, I did. lol

All our plums, pears and peaches here, both cultivated varieties and natives have bloomed and leafed out now. Only the redbuds are still showing some color. They sort of stalled when the cold nights hit.

We are starting to see a lot of wildflowers blooming....and they are right on time for early April if not a little early in some cases. It amazes me how the cold nights don't slap down the native plants like they do the non-natives. From looking at the plants that are in bloom, you wouldn't think we just had cold nights.

Today my irises started blooming, and I saw the first Blue Star Grass in bloom. The bloodroot has been blooming all week as have the Texas Bluebonnets. Bluets and Spring Beauties have been in bloom for about a month. The Ruby Streaks mustard from last fall is bolting now and has cute little yellow flowers. I am ready for flowers of any kind, shape, color or size. It was a long, dull winter and a very slow spring. Everything is bustin' out into bloom all over now.

Chickweed, henbit, sorrel and the like already have bloomed but I'm not starved enough for blooms to be excited about them.

The native blackberries that try to invade our garden by creeping under the western fence line began blooming yesterday.


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I don't think I have ever seen as much henbit blooming. For the last couple of weeks lawns look purple. On Sunday we were near Copan and the blooms were just barely beginning on the fruit trees. The following day we were in Fayetteville, Bentonville, Arkansas and there were blooms everywhere. Fruit trees in Grove have been blooming for a couple of weeks now.

Al, along with most of our neighbors, has already had to mow the grass.

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