*seaglass festival*

Luvherbz(zn 6a/b)September 7, 2010

For those interested in "seaglass", especially those of us on the coastlines of New England.. there is going to be a seaglass "festival" in Hyannis - October 9-10, 2010... Check the National Seaglass association's web site for details...

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spedigrees z4VT

This looks really interesting. I booked marked the site for next year, since a trip this fall is out.

Here is a link that might be useful: seaglass festival

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This does look tempting--I love seaglass--tho not a good time for me to go to the Cape. Longfellow said, "I shall not go to town while the lilacs are in bloom." That is how I feel about peak foliage season--I refuse to go anywhere when my garden and my town are ablaze with glory.

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carol6ma_7ari(zones 6 & 7a)

Interesting idea, judging, trading, marketing seaglass. I read the rules on the website and don't see anything about seaglass having to be "natural" or "sea-made" vs. studio-created seaglass, which (I can tell you this as a glass artist) is easy to make, if you have a sandblaster, a rock tumbler and/or Acid Etch. So I assume most of what's in the competition and also for sale at all those booths, is intentionally made, not nature's own. I don't think one could tell the difference in technique. Pretty stuff - some of us gardeners could make our own garden decorations this way.


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Carol, As you are a glass artist, can you tell me if there is a difference in appearance between natural seaglass and manmade? I've always wondered about that.

I'm sure many here have been there but the glass museum in Sandwich on the Cape is a wonderful place to visit. They have seaglass in their gift shop. Then ride along 6-A and drool over the beautiful gardens all along the way. One of my favorite summer treats. And it's not too late.

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carol6ma_7ari(zones 6 & 7a)

Ginny, there are so many ways to treat the surface of a glass object or shard, to make it look like it's old or had been buried or in the ocean. Maybe there's a chemical test. But I don't know.


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Thanks, Carol. I was just curious about the look of real seaglass.

And as gardeners are usually interested in the environment, it's worth mentioning that serious seaglass hunters have some of their best pickings in the Boston harbor island that used to be a trash dump for the city. I think it's Long Island...someone here will know.

They have covered it over and made it a place of recreation but seaglass etc does leak out.

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Luvherbz(zn 6a/b)

ginny: Please see below: Actually you cannot take the seaglass from this location.. interesting!

A Spectacular Island for Sea Glass Hunting
Just a short ferry ride from Long Wharf in Boston, MA, *Spectacle Island offers hiking, swimming and lots of sea glass!

A reminder: Spectacle Island is a National Park now and the sea glass is considered a "natural resource." You can hunt for it, take pics of it but you must leave it on the island for future sea glass enthusiasts to enjoy.

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Thanks for that, luvherbz. No worries, tho. I don't collect seaglass--I just admire it and have bought a few pieces of summer jewelry. I've only found one piece of seaglass myself and that was on the Cape.

But yes, the rule for visiting parks and such places is-- Take only photos; Leave only footprints. And it's a good one.

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