What chews on pampas grass?

noinwiNovember 30, 2012

DH and I just moved back to the PNW(Puget Sound)after 10 years in Wisconsin...feels good to be back.
We are in a very rural area. A short distance from the kitchen there was pampas grass planted...at least I think it's pampas grass...the plume stems are not present. There is a lot of dead grass around the clump, which is about 3'- 4' in diameter, but most of the plant is still green.
When I stand near it I can hear sounds from within the clump that seems like a gnawing noise. I can't see any movement of the clump itself. If I get close and make noise, it will stop, and if I stay still it will start again. I can't see any large obvious openings in the dead grass and I don't want to move it or otherwise disturb 'what's there'. I was just wondering if anyone knows what critter might be in there chewing. Mountain beaver maybe? Mole? Rabbit? We've started letting our cats out for short periods during the day. They immediately go over to the clump and stare at it for a while, then get bored and walk away. I can see the plant from the kitchen window and have never seen anything coming or going from under it. The ground is very wet there(the whole property is a wetland). Maybe it's just air or water coming up from the ground, but it sounds just like a dog gnawing/grating on a bone(but a little quieter).
Just curious as to what it might be. TIA for any info.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Yes, it sounds like rodents. What kind it would be I don't know.

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One of the cats did a "Garfield" on the side of the clump today, but didn't scare anything out(I assumed that was his strategy). He hung on for several seconds, then dropped and walked away. None of them are willing to stick their heads into the dead grass and I don't blame them. I don't want to poke around in there either. The house has been empty for a couple of years so I feel like we're the intruders.

"The Clump" with resident fake goose...

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