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jane__ny(9-10)May 9, 2013

Photos posted by orchidnick z9Ca

Leptotes bicolor. Just posted this to show you that I can grow ordinary stuff also. They come Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, I grow it outside with no special care.

Cypripedium kentuckiense- one of the larger ones, the pouch is the size of a small chicken egg. It has the largest pouch of the plants in this genus. one or two hybrids get bigger. C. kentuckiense is found in a large swathe through the central portion of the United States including Texas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansans, Oklahoma, Lousiana and Tennessee. Second year bloom for this plant, full adults can reach 70 cm in height. A stately plant.

Cypripedium Baerbel Schmidt (macranthos x montanum)

one of the smaller Cyps, the flower is about 1" x 1".

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inga007(Ont. 6a)

I see nothing "ordinary" in Leptotes bicolor.
Don't think I have "met one" with so many blooms, in all the shows I have been to.

The Cypripedium kentuckiense-is stunning and surprising large.
but I love the

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By 'ordinary' I meant that it is commonly seen amongst society members and at all of the orchid shows. I also requires no special care growing happily with the Cattleyas and Cymbidiums in the backyard. I normal focus on unusual stuff, hence the comment. No slight intented.

It is a very worthwhile plant and I am expecting great things from it in the future. They enlarge exponentially, I saw one in San Diego which is probably twice as big. Even if it only grows by 25% every year, it should get much larger very soon. I have had it for probably 10 years.

A slight mistake on Cyp kentuckiense. It supposedly has the largest 'flower' in the genus, not the largest pouch. Probably one and the same thing. Even 70 cm tall plants will only have one flower, another great one is Cyp californicum which can sport up to 12 flowers per large stem. The flowers are much smaller.

Last year was it's first bloom, the flowers were much smaller and not as deeply colored, so disappointing in fact that I questioned the grower whether it really was kentuckiense, he advised patience and I guess he knew what he was talking about.


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Wow, very nice, Nick
As I had suspected from your various (text) posts over the years.
thanks for sharing,
Maryanne in WMass

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WMass! I'm stunned, I thought you'd be from Holister, California, the self described garlic capitol of the world.

This is fun, I'll have to figure out how to post pictures.


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Actually make that Gilroy, California, Holister is right next door and I get the 2 confused.


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