Has Rusg Gon off The Deep End

labrea_gwApril 18, 2012

Dan Rather had his "Kenneth What is the frequency! there were witnesses to that beating.

Now Rush has "Obmama's Minions are taking over & theres nothing we can do about it"

hoot and a half.

Yes why are liberal leftists talking about Rush (does that ever really make any of ye all feels good) I juts thought I'd save one of you a few key strokes and get it out of the way.

"I can't prove this, because I didn't keep the transcriptions. I deleted them. I don't even know if I actually deleted them. I just didn't send them. They are not on the phone. I went and looked."

âÂÂThe first thing I do when I get into the studio on our network system is start dictating, and itâÂÂs flawless. ItâÂÂs perfect. It was only in my car that this happened. It was only with my Verizon LTE hotspot and my Bluetooth. I got in here and I used our Wi-Fi network, and dictation worked perfectly. ItâÂÂs been working perfectly all morning. It was only in the car. I got so busy, I didnâÂÂt have a chance to go back out to the car and try it again. IâÂÂll try it later when I leave. So I sent this story. I typed this story I just told you and I sent it to a bunch of computer people. I said, âÂÂWhat could possibly explain this?â And the answers I got back ranged from, âÂÂYouâÂÂve been hacked,â to, âÂÂSomebody got into your car,â to, âÂÂSomebodyâÂÂs tampered with the Bluetooth module.âÂÂ

Here is a link that might be useful: WND

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Oxy will do that to ya.

(I tried typing a quip about his famous trip to a well-known Caribbean destination carrying a vial of a certain, well-known male medication, but GW, in its infinite wisdom, wouldn't let me - just as well)

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or even Grush or Glimblogg!

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You have to use the term "little blue pill", David. My guess would be that someone, at one time, spammed the forums trying to advertise or sell the stuff. Now, the word is considered blocked. I've run into a few websites that GW wouldn't allow as links... but there are ways around it if it's really that important.

And as for Rush's discombobulated moment... no proof, no story. Mountain out of a molehill that may or may not have happened. Free publicity. Ratings.

See where this is going? He's trying to enter the door marked "Popular Good Guy", and it's locked. Poor Rush doesn't have the key.

Good hackers are more plentiful than some people think, so it could have happened... but we'll never know, will we? Nothing was saved or stored.

Not really a story there... for Rush, anyway.

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Yes the forum is vigorous in preventing you from having a good time in Niagra with vitamin V

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Underscores, dashes, equal signs, etc... can sometimes be inserted between letters of the words you want to use, and it will fool their automatic blocking software. Or, some programs will allow the word to pass partially through, but will change every letter except the first to an asterisk... like curse words. We see this often when reading comment sections following news articles and whatnot.

You could always write the word backwards and see what happens! argaiV

As to the OP... nothing more than an attention getter. I think poor Rush must feel like he needs more... not getting enough... publicity, or something.

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