Growing a Moss Lawn

Shelbygirl86(8b)November 16, 2013

We have recently moved to the coast and our new home is on a north facing slope. We are completely surrounded by woodland, and the only "lawn" to speak of is a small area over the septic field. The previous owners did not maintain it, and it is now about 80% moss and 20% broad leaf weeds and grass. Since the moss is obviously thriving, we have decided to convert it to a moss lawn. I have read that sulphur will help encourage the moss, but am wondering if anyone can suggest how to eradicate the grass (seems backwards, doesn't it?). Also, I've noticed at this time of the year we have several different species of fungus popping up, and I am wondering if there is anything I can do to discourage them as well. Your advice or tips would be appreciated!

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Moss thrives in moist, somewhat shaded environments.
Sulfur won't help.

Mushrooms are normal events under natural conditions.
If you don't like them, or are considering potential risk to kids or pets, collect and discard them.

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The moss is fine for ground cover, unless it needs to remain cosmetically pretty under heavy foot traffic.

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Thanks - no, there will be no real foot traffic - that is why we are considering the moss as an alternative to grass.

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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

I have an area that I spray Roundup on every once in awhile. The result is no weeds and all moss.
Moss transplants very well this time of year in case you want to fill in some blank spots. It's a little cold for Roundup to be very effective now.

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Thanks Mike - that is very helpful. I wasn't sure what I could use to kill off the grass without harming the moss - I will give the Roundup a try in the spring. :)

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