hostas coming back in N. Calif.

gardenlynne(9)November 17, 2012

Hello gardeners - though I have gardened for 20 years, I am new to hostas and this forum. (I have had a very gracious person get me this far). I am in N. Calif, the Fairfield area. I purchased 12 hostas in 2010, and had 9 come up in 2011. We had a very mild winter in 2011. The ones that didn't come up are First Frost, Mouse Ears and Great Expectations (ironic). I am going to avoid these three, but do want to get more hostas. My June was perfect, and Krossa's Regal, Tokudama and Halcycon near perfect. I had a Lakeside Midnight Miss that was in too much sun, looking cooked and bedragled. I move her into a pot in shade and she ended up a ruffled beauty. So - after all this rambling - I guess I'm wondering if others have this problem with mild winters, and if putting the hostas in pots makes a difference. Thank you - have a great Thanksgiving

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Babka NorCal 9b

Welcome GardenLynne! I'm down in Sunnyvale, next to San Jose. I do all mine in pots and they all come back. (Well maybe I lose one once in awhile). You probably get colder than I do, and much hotter too, so they might just do fine in the ground, as long as you don't mind staring at bare dirt all Winter and can diligently fight off the snails/slugs/mites. If they don't come up in Spring, dig them up to see if something killed the roots (critters or rot). Blue Mouse Ears and First Frost should've returned. GE can sometimes be a problem child for people no matter where they live.


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HI Lynne,

I grow in pots because it's easy. I rarely lose one. I have some really nice ones. It seems many successful hosta gardeners here grow in raised beds of one sort or another or in pots.

Welcome. Let us know how we can help.


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