The Early Purple Orchid (Orchis mascula)

michoiceMay 3, 2008

It is a great pleasure when the Spring flowers arrive to brighten up our countryside. The terrestrial orchids may not be as spectacular as their tropical cousins but in profusion they do make a bold show particularly in the grassy meadows with all the other wild flowers and on roadside verges.

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Nice bright colour and lovely picture!

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So cool!!
I love temperate orchids.
Obviously, it's getting to be that time of the year.
I was just up checkin' on my natives the other day, as well.
Most aren't big enough yet, but I did find at least one new one this year.
I messed up while downloading and lost over half of my photos, so...
I'm going back up...probably in a few hours!;~)

My Cyps are developing nicely also and should have a good display this year.
If you have more natives, post 'em! :~)

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

When i've visited, i looked and looked and saw nary a one. Guess it was the wrong time of year. Are they impossible or easy to grow?

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savtaj(Z 9-10 (Israel))

Beautiful flowers!
We have at least 5 species of Orchis (flowering finished by now). They are also pink/mauve. Another common wild orchid is Ophrys (Bee Orchid). Maroon/ brown. The name is an apt description of the flower. Do you have any of those in England?

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Hello Judy, A few years ago I watched a TV programme on European terrestrial orchids and it included many beautiful varieties from your home land Israel. In England we do have a wide selection including the Bee Orchid which grows on chalk downs. I will name a few of the others because they do have such wonderful names. Violet Helleborine, Summer Ladies Tresses, Leopard Marsh orchid, Common Twayblade,Early Spider, Monkey, Lizard, Military and so on. Many of these are now raised commercially and can be grown in the garden. Peter

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savtaj(Z 9-10 (Israel))

Hi, Peter
Whoever named these orchids had a lot of imagination and a sense of humour as well! You probably have a "snake tongue" too (serapias vomeracea).That was a great find on one of my recent nature rambles. From a distance it looks like a lot of dried brown stalks - only reveals its true beauty on a closer inspection.

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