A successful CT swap!

cloud_9(z5 CT)September 24, 2006

Another wonderful swap. Thanks SO much to Ron and Young's - once again - for hosting. It was so nice to see everyone. Thanks to everyone for your contributions to the swap - plants, food, and conversation!


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Thank you for all the great plants. It was wonderful getting to know you all better. I had a wonderful time. Thank you Ron and Young's for hosting this plant swap.

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paigect(z6a CT)

I posted on the last swap post, but wanted to say "thanks" on this one as well. I had a great time!

Cat2, if you read this, do you know the names of the Dianthus you gave me? I'm trying to decide on placement. If not, no biggie - - I can figure it out when the flower. :-)

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It was great seeing everyone. Thank you Ron! I already planted everything, too!

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ctlady_gw(z6 CT)

And a big thanks from us, too! (And I have NOT planted everything yet, though I've made a good dent (still can't get my car in the garage, though... ;) Thanks to everyone who brought me things, and to Hedy, who talked me into a bunch of things I wasn't planning to take! Thanks Ron and Young's -- fantastic swap!

Just got the photos from Abi -- George, how do you embed images in the messages themselves. I'll put them up on my own web space (click on small pictures to get larger ones) but would love to know how you get images to appear as part of your postings!

/ Marty

Here is a link that might be useful: Pics from Fall 2006 Swap in Woodbury!

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the_shady_lady(z6 CT)

Wow, how great it was to see everyone. I had a fantastic time. What a great group of gardeners to know! Thank you Ron and YoungÂs for providing the perfect spot for us to meet.

Did Bill and Dena make it? I never saw them.

Lilianne, I heard you got the brug from Mom. She sure knows how to grow brugs, doesnÂt she?

Great pictures!

See you all in the spring.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Marty, you can imbed the pictures in your message with some simple HTML code:

(img src=URL of your picture)

Substitute brackets for the parentheses



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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Liliane, here is a picture of the white Brug I received from Virginia at the spring 2005 swap. It's currently covered in flowers.


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Thank you Ron and Youngs for hosting yet another successful event! It was great seeing old friends and new faces. The plants were great and the food TOO good! /Abi

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ctlady_gw(z6 CT)

THANK YOU, Abi, for taking the pictures!!!

/ Marty

And thanks, Sue, for the info on how to embed them in the post ... should have thought to check the page source code (and I'm a website designer, too! ;)

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Thank you all for the wonderful plants, and it was a pleasure as always to spend time with such a great group. Thanks Ron for once again hosting the extravaganza! I'm going to follow Hedy's lead and try to take some photos of plants I've gotten from the swap--I thought that was such a great way of showing our progress and connection as a group!
See you all in the spring! Amy

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ctlady_gw(z6 CT)

Great idea ("post-swap" pictures!) -- here's one of the Miscanthus sinensis "Morning Light" Sue gave me last spring (so this is just one season later!) It is absolutely stunning!

(Thanks, Sue -- for the upload instructions AND the Morning Light!)

/ Marty

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lidigentri(z5/6 CT)

Hi Everyone  thanks once again for making the swap a huge success. I had a great time and it was great seeing garden swap Âveterans as well as newcomers. We always have such a wonderfully diverse group of people. Being able to share ideas and have the opportunity for some Âgarden talk just makes it a very special occasion to which I always look forward.

Ron  as always, a big thanks to you for organizing, setting/cleaning up and cooking/grilling. YoungÂs has been very gracious for allowing us to use their property for the swap.

Virginia  thanks for putting me in touch with your incredibly generous Mom! After she contacted me on Sunday afternoon, I immediately took a drive over to pick up the Brug ÂcuttingÂ. You can imagine my surprise when she pointed me to a 6 Brug tree! I had to run home to switch cars to be able to get it home safely. I am so excited about it  it is on my front deck so hopefully I will be able to enjoy its beauty for the next couple of weeks. Not only is it blooming now, it is filled with lots of buds. Gorgeous! Please thank your Mom again for me; she has a beautiful collection of Brug ÂcuttingsÂ. Please feel free to email me when you are in the area if you want to stop by.

Sue  thanks for posting the picture of the white Brug  great shot, it looks beautiful. What a wonderful accent for the garden, especially with the backdrop of the house. Steve Silk should just use your pictures for his next article/book ;). Do you have it in a pot or did you plant it out in the garden? Do you give it special treatment during the summer months in terms of extra fertilizer?

Hedy - I am including a picture of the Lemon balm and Euphorbia 'Chameleon' combo I mentioned to you at the swap. You gave me the Lemon balm probably a few years back' the Euphorbia was a volunteer self-seeder. I love the colors together; they appear early in the season and last for a long time.

Thanks everyone  see you in the spring!


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Liliane, thanks for the great picture and idea.
Someone (you?) brought seedling of Chameleon to the swap and now I'm thinking to use it in between lemon-leaved heucherellas 'Sunspot' that are doing amazingly well in almost full sun.
Is it terribly invasive?

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ctlady_gw(z6 CT)

George -- quick question about the climbing hydrangea you were so nice as to bring for me. Inspired by the picture you posted of the house where the hydrangea had covered the fieldstone chimney, I'm going to see if it will go up my large brick one. So how far OUT from the surface I want it to climb should I actually plant it? (I've seen these growing, but never paid any attention to where the actual plant base was relative to the vertical surface the plant had covered.) Also, do I need to give it any extra protection (besides mulch, etc.) this first winter? Thanks for any suggestions...and thanks for the plants, too!
/ Marty

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Wow, it's great to see more people jumping on the picture posting bandwagon! Marty it looks like you found a perfect spot for that Morning Light.

Liliane, the brug is in a pot. When I pot them up in the spring I use a potting mix that has fertilizer mixed in. If I reuse potting soil from the previous year I add Osmocote. From late July through now I water regularly with a very weak strength solution of water soluable fertilzer (1/2 T per 2 gallons of water).

George, when I grew Chameleon I got a few seedlings but my plants mildewed and never looked as nice as the ones in Liliane's picture. After a couple of seasons I yanked them.


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Marty, eventually it will be a huge plant with a large root system to support it, so you should plan accordinghly.
If space allow, I'd plant not closer than 18" from the support surface, but 12-15" also could work if roots will have a room in other directions.
I'd recommend to read related thread from the Hydrangea forum (link is below) and see how Liz(Chelone) trained hers.
Just remember one thing, this plant will examine your patience and every move/relocation will send it back by year or two, so choose planting site carefully.
Good luck.
Oh, by the way, if you got plant from me on a small trellis, don't worry about it, it was done for the transportation purpose only, you don't need it and could discard.

Here is a link that might be useful: C. Hydrangea

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cat2(z6 CT)

It was a great time! I wish I could have stayed for the whole thing, but I won't say I'm sorry to have left early because I was able to spend the time with some family I probably won't see for a couple of years.

Thanks to Ron for hosting and Young's for both the space and plants. And thanks to everyone for the spread. Considering what I usually eat/drink on gardening days, it feels so civilized and elegant to sip a cup of coffee and pick from the goodies while discussing plants with friends of similar interest,

Paige, I can only say for certain that the dianthus are pink, pink on pink, and light & dark pink. :) Not much help, I know. If I get a chance I will take a peek online and see if I can't spot them for you. The only reason I know I gave you 3 types is that they were in 3 seperate locations. I must admit, I did pick up one of the magenta dianthus from among Young's offerings the other day, so I now have another pink. I know they don't bloom all summer, but in general they have been easy plants for me, good looking greens all season...nice blooms that cut well...come back and even spread a little bit each year. I know I'm not the best gardner, but sometimes it's nice to have a plant that makes me feel like I'm not the worst one, either.

Again, I want to thank everyone. I haven't even got all of the plants in the ground, yet, but there's plenty of space in the vegetable greens garden for the winter if I haven't decided on permanent location. If I missed getting something to anyone, I'm awfully sorry. I tried to label stuff well, but you never know. I can always bring more of whatever it was next spring or fall, just let me know.

Happy gardening, all!

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saypoint(6b CT)

Wow, sounds like you all had a great swap, and the pictures were fun to look at. I'm sorry I missed it. We've accepted an offer on our house, and I'm going to VA to do some househunting soon. Between wrapping up some repairs, keeping the house ready to show at all times, and the extra work I've made for myself by fostering rescued dogs, I just couldn't attend.

I'm hoping that the new owners are gardeners and won't just rip out everything I've done here over the past 4 years, but I'm also looking forward to starting over in a new place with more gardening and design experience and an opportunity to try some different things.

I'll probably still pop in from time to time to see what everyone in NE is doing. We may close as soon as mid November. Yikes.

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Hey Jo! We missed you (and your mom!) at the swap. We were talking about your move and how we would miss you when you left.

I just heard today from a very good friend (and a fellow gardener) that she got an offer on her house, and she said that the folks stepped out of the car, saw the gardens, and fell in love, without even seeing the house. So we are both relieved that another gardener bought her house. So keep your chin up - there is hope, lol!

Best of luck to you in your househunting. I know you're busy but we'd all love to hear how things go and how/where/what your new house is like.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

I'm with Dee, Jo, we missed you and your mom at the swap last weekend. We were all wondering how you were doing. No surprise that your house sold so fast...location, location, location. Keep in touch.


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paigect(z6a CT)

Cat2, I figured you probably didn't have the names of the dianthus but I thought I'd give it a shot! Thanks anyway, and no need to look them up. I'll just see what they do next year. It will be fun to have a surprise!

I have almost everything in the ground. Still need to plant the red twig (which is gorgeous!) and the hydrangeas. But we had a huge neighborhood party yesterday and today it's raining, so . . . maybe after work this week.

Thanks again to everyone!

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